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its coz Australia is an island

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Q: Animals that live in Australia and how they adapt to living there?
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We are animals! All animals are different, and have to adapt to their habitat to live.

How do animals adapt to living in Antarctica?

There are no animals that live on the continent. Some animals come to Antarctica's beaches to breed -- which is their natural habitat.

What are some adaptations that plant and animals have that live in the coral?

they have to adapt to living in water and other things.

How and why do animals adapt?

why- animals adapt to different envirnments so that they can live their.

How do plants and animals adapt in a grassland?

they adapt to what thay live in

How do animals adapt that live in the Amazon rainforest?

animals adapt to living in the rainforest by getting used to it for e.g some animals get used to hunting for their food.I know camels have a doubled layer of eyelashes and grow a hump on their back to get used to life in the rainforest.Different animals adapt to different things however this also applies to plants!

How can animals in the desert live in the heat?

they adapt

How do animals adapt and protect their kind and live?

eat other animals

How are some fish and other animals able to live in salt water?

They adapt to it they adapt

What are three learned behaviors for cactus?

1.... Learns to adapt to the weather 2...Learns to adapt when animals live in it 3...Learns to adapt when animals are depending on it

Animals who have to constantly adapt to change?

All animals adapt. They are constantly adapting to be able to survive and live in the forever changing world.

How Do Animals Adapt To Different Environments?

Animals adapt to there environment by fur/What's there for instance polar bears live in the cold so they need fur although not all animals do have fur if they live in the cold.

Do dingoes live in the rainforest?

Dingos are free-range animals. They can mostly be found living in Australia. Some may live in South Asia, but they do not live in the rainforest.

Do Dingo live in the rainforest?

Dingos are free-range animals. They can mostly be found living in Australia. Some may live in South Asia, but they do not live in the rainforest.

Do jaguars live in Australia?

No, jaguars are strictly animals of the Americas. They do not live in Australia.

How do animals adapt to Australian thunder storms?

well all animals have to get use to there environment like all animals they adapt to were they live and get use to the rain and thunder and lightening

How do animals live in the desert?

Some animals adapt to a certain environment and it becomes their habitat

How do animals adapt to live on mt Everest?

Probably yes

How did the animals adapt to live in the ice age?

They wore coats!(:

What types of animals live in the grasslands of Australia?

=animals animal animals!!??=

Why do animals adapt to their environments?

Animals adapt to their environment because they need to be able to live and thrive. They don't choose to adapt, it's natural. Also, they could move to a new location but more commonly they just adapt.

Why do animals live in different habitat?

Different animals adapt to different environments and habitats, like fish adapt to the ocean and frogs adapted to the rainforests.

What kind of mammals live in the desert?

Deserts are hot and dry with very little water, so the animals that live there have to adapt. Mammals that are found living in the desert are meerkats, hyenas, and the fennac fox.

How do humans and animals adapt to floods?

i think they chage by the way they live

What conditions do animals that live in freshwater ecosystem have to adapt to?

Hypotonic conditions .