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Another name for a pine tree?


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Pine trees are sometimes also called conifer trees. This is because pine trees produce cones that are planted to grow more pine trees.

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the Latin name for a pine tree is pinus.

Scientific name of a apo pine tree?

Well, a Xmas tree is a pine tree, and a pine tree is also known as a fir tree. So there ya go!

The scientific name for a White Pine Tree (Eastern White) is pinus strobus.

There are many different types of pine trees. The scientific name for pine is pinus. To find my full answer, ask the question:What is the scientific name for a pine tree?I hope that will help!the answer is pinus

you can make another pine tree but a bigger one.

the scientific name of pine is pinus spp.

the state tree name is bristlestone pine

The answer is a pine tree and a christmas tree

The question provided is not suffice...there are many varieties of depends upon the name of a specific pine tree..

Norfolk Island Pine or Star pine

matsutake gets its name from matsu or pine tree. this mushroom only grows in the fallen debris of the pine. it can not be cultivated.

The Norfolk Island Pine is Araucaria excelsa.

The scientific name for a White Pine Tree (Eastern White) is Pinus strobus.

The Latin name for the lodgepole pine is Pinus latifolia.

A Pine Tree begining with the letter "W" is a White Pine Tree.

Radiata pine is acone bearing treeI know two:1) red pine (which is the same as scotch pine, I think)2) conifer

A pine tree has a trunk.

No. A melaleuca tree is not a pine tree. It is not a polycotyledon. It is a dicotyledon.

The scientific name for the pine tree is the Pinus aphremphous The scientific name for a pine tree is Pinus followed by the species name. aphremphous is not a word found either in Horticulture or Arboriculture nor in any Latin/English (pues) Dictionary searched in Google so it seems to be a red herring.

A pine cone is the reproductive organ of a pine tree.

The name of 2 coniferous trees are :- i) The Pine tree ii) The Cypress tree

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