Pine Trees

Pine trees are conifers. They are often grown commercially for timber. Pine trees have a long life span, sometimes up to 1,000 years old.

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Pine Trees

How is a pine tree and maple tree the same?

Not sure... but i think they both produce sap

Pine Trees

What type of plant is a pine tree?

It is an evergreen, resinous tree. It lies in the grouping of trees known as gymnosperms. It is concidered an "Ancient" plant because it first appeared 300-350 million years ago. A 100 or so million years ahead of the angiosperms (hardwoods) It is also concidered a commercially important tree.

Pine Trees

What is the reproductive organ of pine trees?

The flowering candles at the ends of the branches where next years growth will split into different directions. the male flower releases its pollen into the wind which may stick to the the female flower parts. A fertilized female pine tree flower will become a pinecone with many seeds between the scale-like parts that we most often see opened up.


Seed from the cones formed from pollinated flowers

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Pine Trees

A tree that produces seeds in a cone?

pine trees?

Pine Trees

Is the pine tree a flowering plant?

No, pine trees are not flowering plants.

There are actually two types of seed bearing plants. There are gymnosperms, where the seeds develop on a surface, such as a pine cone. Gymnosperms do not flower. Then there are angiosperms, where the seeds develop within an ovary. Angiosperms are what we commonly call flowering plants.

Pine trees are gymnosperms, so they only produce cones and never flowers. The cones work as the male and female parts of the tree. The long tubular parts are the male cones, and they are covered in pollen. The larger brown pine cone that we are used to seeing have seeds under each little prong of the cone. They are the female cone.

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Pine Trees

Are pine trees dioecious or monoecious?

At least most of them are monoecious.

Pine Trees

Is there a Pine Tree Vermont or a Columbia Inn as in the movie White Christmas?

Sadly, there is no Pine Tree, Vermont. However, there really was a "snow train" that travelled from New York City to Vermont. In the early days of skiing, a primary destination was Manchester Depot, Vermont. Skiers headed to the nearby ski areas Snow Valley and Bromley. Although there was no Columbia Inn in Manchester, there was a small picturesque inn that was used by skiers arriving on the snow train. It was known as the Worthy Inn, and was a part of the Snow Valley ski area.

Pine Trees

Why don't pine trees lose their needles in the fall and regrow them in the spring?

Pine trees are considered an evergreen. They shed needles like other trees lose their leaves, but never all of them and only after the second growing year. Hence the name evergreen.

Pine Trees

How reproduction occurs in pine trees?


Pine Trees

What is the scientific name for a cone bearing pine tree?

Most if not all pine trees bear cones. Pine trees belong to the genus Pinus.

Pine Trees

Is a pine tree a producer or consumer?

well it is both producer and consumer.

Pine Trees

Is fir trees the same as pine trees?

No, but they are both known as coniferous trees, which means they are cone bearing. They do have many similarities so they can be easily confused if you are not very familiar with dendrology (the study of trees).

As above all are conifers but firs are the Abies family and pines are of the Pinus family.

Pine Trees

What is the difference between pine tree and cactus?


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Pine Trees

Are pine trees more or less likely struck by lightning?

A journal paper was published under the title of "Lightning protection for trees and related property" (R. Cripe, Journal of Arboriculture; Sept.24 2007) that notes Pine Trees are third most likely to be struck by lightning; after oak and elm. Pine trees are noted as being on average taller than other trees, having a direct water-table root system and their needles have a lower resistance (higher conductivity).

Pine Trees

Difference between pine tree and mango tree?

you all are so sweet

Pine Trees

Why is a pine tree considered to be more similar to the hibiscus plant than to a fern?

Gymnosperms, such as pine trees, and angiosperms, such as hibiscus, both sport an important evolutionary feature that ferns do not. Gymnosperms and angiosperms both make seeds through sexual reproduction, while ferns produce spores through a type of asexual reproduction. (the latin word sperma means seed.)

Pine Trees

How does a pine tree turn into planks of wood?

It is felled, taken to the sawmill and sawn into planks.

Pine Trees

What are the similarities among the fern the pine tree and the coconut tree?

All of them can photosynthesise.

Pine Trees
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How to trim a Douglas pine tree?

Just trim the lower branches. They don't usually need to be trimmed. They usually do that on their own.

Pine Trees

What kind of insects eat the inside of pine trees?

various types of border beetles

Pine Trees

What is the best climate for pine trees?

Pine trees are found in climate like colorado's climate

Pine Trees

Why do pine trees grow faster in summer than in winter?

Biochemistry, light, temperature and water describe why pine trees grow faster in summer than in winter. Reduced daylight, moisture, nutrients and temperature slow sunlit interactions down so that fewer sugars are made for such life-sustaining activities as photosynthesis and respiration in winter. Summer supports growth because of the abundant moisture, high-angled sun and warm temperatures activating enzymes while winter tends to be a time for pine trees to break down and remake proteins, maintain cell membranes and recycle magnesium, nitrogen and phosphates.

Pine Trees

What is different between an apple tree and a pine tree?

trees and a shrub

Pine Trees

When a pine tree is cut down will the roots still support a slope or small hillside?

When you cut the tree down the roots will live on and continue to support your slope. Slowly another tree will start to grow. However, if you kill the roots they will eventually rot out and your slope will lose it's support.

Pine Trees

What are the benefits of pine trees?

The benefit of pine trees give fresh air and nice views.


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