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ovary part of the female reproductive system that produce egg cells or oval

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What is another name for oviduct?


What is another name for ovaries and testes?

Reproductive organs.

What is another name for the ovary in the flower?

The fruit is the ripened ovary or ovaries together with seeds.

What is another name for fallopian tube and ovaries?

The fallopian tubes may also be called the oviducts. The ovaries may also be called the female gonads.

What is the name of the female gonads?

The answer to this is the Ovaries

What is a plant that produces seeds in ovaries called?

Heterosporous is the name given to the plant that produces seeds in the ovaries.

What does the ovaries of a grasshopper do?

The ovaries in a grasshopper are a female reproductive organ. They house the fertilized eggs gained from sexual reproduction with another grasshopper.

Another name for female egg cell?

Another name for the female reporductive cell is ovum or a gamete. The egg cell is realised from the ovaries after a period of maturation (In the menstrual cycle roughly 1-2 weeks after the previous period.

What is the name of the female gland that produces eggs?


What is Another name for the reproductive organs?

Sex organs is another name for reproductive organs. The testicles and ovaries, which produce the sex cells, may also be called gonads. The external sex organs -- the penis and vulva -- are sometimes called the genitalia or the genitals.

Name of female structure that is homologous to the testis in men?

The ovaries.

Do earthworms fertilize their own eggs?

No, they eggs pass out the ovaries to another worm.

Name a hormone and were it is produced in the body?

In females, Estrogen is produced in the Ovaries.

Do ovaries of plants have buds in them?

The ovaries of plants usually have placenta and ovules. Sometimes under abnormal conditions of growth they may have another ovary inside which may also bear ovules.

Do hermaphrodite have ovaries?

hermaphrodite DO NOT have ovaries

What is bilateral polycystic ovaries?

Bilateral polycystic ovaries means that both ovaries are affected.

What is polycystic ovaries bilateral?

Bilateral means on both ovaries. That is there are cysts in both ovaries.

What is the name of the structure that produces eggs in the frog?

The eggs of a frog are produced in the ovaries.

What is produced by the ovaries?

eggs are produced in the ovaries

What hormones are realeased from the ovaries?

The ovaries produce a couple of gonadal hormones. One of these, estrogen, promotes the secondary sex characteristics and sex drive. Another is progesterone which prepares the uterus for pregnancy. Another hormone called in inhibin inhibits the secretion of follicle stimulating hormone.

Does the ovaries control your puberty?

yes, because ovaries help to produce esteragen and your ovaries are the reason why you have periods.

Can you get ovarian cancer if you have had your ovaries removed?

No. The ovaries have been removed, therefore you cannot get ovarian cancer if you do not have ovaries.

What happens to ovaries at puberty?

The ovaries become fertile. The eggs which the ovaries produce are capable of forming a zygote .

What is the function of the ovaries in a frog?

The function of the ovaries in a frog is to produce eggs. They have the same role as the ovaries in other animals.The function of a frog's ovaries are the same as any other animal. The frogs ovaries produce eggs which if fertilized will turn into babies.The ovaries in a frog are used to reproduce

What name is given to the period of a woman's life when her ovaries begin to become nonfunctional?


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