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Any example of company that is doing the monopolistic competition in the market?

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2009-03-05 04:11:32

nokia, samsung , sony ericsson , LGand i-mobile are good

examples but there are better examples. The best are the ones that

you don't know about because it shows how far they reach. For

example; did you know Philip Morris owned Kraft? (not sure if they

still do) . But in my opinion the most monoplistic companies are

the few food distributors that exist in the United States :

Monsanto and DuPont (RE: The Future of Food) also look into Walmart

( RE: The High Cost of Low Prices) and don't forget the auto

industry; FORD, GMC and Toyota ( RE: Who Killed The Electric Car?).


Virgin JP Morgan General Electric, Federal Reserve,

Bilderberg Group / Trilateral Commission / Council on Foregin

Relations, World Bank. But the Federal Reserve might be the best

because they monopolize the entire world, they control the money

supply and what is awarded to the federal banks but the federal

reserve is a company, and is not regulated or goverened by any


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