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Single shot, 24"barrel, value from 50-150 depending on condition.

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βˆ™ 2008-07-27 19:21:57
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Q: Any info on a Stevens 53 D buckhorn rifle?
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Stevens rifle 25 calibre pat 1794 value?

what exactly is the question any other information on the rifle?

Where can you obtain a bolt and magazine for a Stevens Buckhorn model 56 22 rifle if the year of manufacture is unknown?

The bolt may be hard to find however it appears to be common with the model 53 Stevens 'Buckhorn' rifle. The magazines are easier to find, in fact I was at Gander Mountain today and saw a 10 round magazine made by Savage that looked like it would fit. From memory I think it was $10-12. Also check out for the magazine and any other parts you need. Oh I was at Gander Mountain because I just gave the barrel, reciever, bolt and other small parts of my Buckhorn model 56 in for refinishing. Good luck. Many thanks for your reply to my question. This rifle was manufactured at the Chicopee Falls Mass plant. My location is Wellington New Zealand if anyone can help me out. Regards, Brian Hogan

What is the value and age of a Stevens Savage Arms re225852271576 Model 87a?

My father left us the same Stevens Model 87A rifle. Have you found any info on what it is worth... as in what should I expect to receiver in a private party sale? thanks if you can pass on any info. Cheryl These guns typically sell at retail for under $100.

Where to Buy rifle clips for Stevens 30-30?

Any gun stores at all around your parts.

Do you have any info on Stevens Favorite Model 71 by Savage Arms?

the savage/stevens model 71 was made from 1930-1934,there were 10,000 made.

What is the age of a 22 caliber Stevens Model 15-B rifle?

The only thing i could find on the Stevens model 15-A .22 rifle, i found one selling for $50 on auction. Is there any markings or serial numbers on the gun.

Where is the serial number found on a Stevens No 70 visible loading 22 rifle if any?

I have a Stevens Visible Loading .22, adn the serial number is on the underside of the rifle, on the extended metal that goes from the trigger guard into the stock. It's quite visible. Ed

Hobar 22cal rifle does anyone have any info?

Most probably a trade name for an inexpensive 22

What is the age and value of a 410 J Stevens Model 54 A shotgun?

I am looking for the same thing. I have a J. Stevens model 54 in .410 that my grandfather left me and cannot find any info on this shotgun. It is bolt action with a cocking knob on the rear of the bolt. Any info would be appreciated.

Where can you get parts and info on the m91 Remington nagant rifle? has a huge amount of information on any Mosin Nagant rifle you could ever want.

What is the value of a rifle marked J Stevens A and T Co Chicopee Falls Mass Pat April 17 '94 23434?

Stevens made many different models of rifle during that time period. Any way you can tell us which model you have? Or caliber?

Can you buy parts for a Stevens 22 cal rifle model 43?

Yes, if they are available and you are not violating any laws. Try

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