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The bolt may be hard to find however it appears to be common with the model 53 Stevens 'Buckhorn' rifle. The magazines are easier to find, in fact I was at Gander Mountain today and saw a 10 round magazine made by Savage that looked like it would fit. From memory I think it was $10-12. Also check out for the magazine and any other parts you need. Oh I was at Gander Mountain because I just gave the barrel, reciever, bolt and other small parts of my Buckhorn model 56 in for refinishing. Good luck. Many thanks for your reply to my question. This rifle was manufactured at the Chicopee Falls Mass plant. My location is Wellington New Zealand if anyone can help me out. Regards, Brian Hogan

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โˆ™ 2005-08-27 07:11:50
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Q: Where can you obtain a bolt and magazine for a Stevens Buckhorn model 56 22 rifle if the year of manufacture is unknown?
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