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Not true. Most companies monitor their employers emails to ensure that they are not doing anything illegal or sending porn or bad emails that will make their company liable for a lawsuite. Completely legal for an employer.

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How many drugs are illegal?

Haha probably close to a thousand if not more

How much does is cost to bored a horse?

from U.S. maybe about 500-800 dollars or more. From out of the country is probably illegal.

Is it legal to use our tax dollars on illegal immigrants?

Illegal Immigrants are not eligible for programs that use tax dollars, such as Welfare / Medicaid.

Is downloading things off of pirate bay really illegal?

Yes. Receiving copyrighted material and not paying for it is illegal. If you were to download from Pirate Bay, it would be illegal.

What movie torrent websites are not illegal?

No websites for torrents are illegal. The act that is illegal is downloading a torrent from an individual without the production company receiving any contribution.

Is it illegal to buy knockoffs?

It is not illegal to buy, but it is illegal to sell. Be careful - you usually get what you pay for. -- Its IS illegal to purchase any item that has been dishonestly appropriated as you can be charged with receiving or handling stolen goods

Is it illegal to have more than ten thousand dollars in your house in NJ?

Where exactly is your address? (grin). I don't think it is illegal, but it certainly is dangerous.Where exactly is your address? (grin). I don't think it is illegal, but it certainly is dangerous.Where exactly is your address? (grin). I don't think it is illegal, but it certainly is dangerous.Where exactly is your address? (grin). I don't think it is illegal, but it certainly is dangerous.

Is it illegal to possess illegally downloaded movies?

Yes. As with any stolen goods you are guilty of knowingly receiving and handling illegal items.

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It is illegal to kill endangered animals, it is probably illegal to eat them.

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No its illegal to grow by seed in California

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i would say so

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No you can not, it is illegal

Is it illegal to hunt with an sks?


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probably not

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You Probably would have to get a permit, otherwise it is illegal.

Is Gangnam Style illegal?

Illegal? nope, probably in North Korea but that's about it.

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They are illegal in some countries, but not all of them. Idon't know if they're illegal in the US, but probably not.

Can an illegal immigrant become a citizen of the U.S. if their business makes more than ten thousand dollars a month?

No, an illegal immigrant could never change status to a citizen, he would have to become a legal permanent resident first (LPR). But in any case, just making $10k/month wont allow an illegal immigrant to become a LPR

can a witness be charged a crime for receiving pay for not coming to court on a murder case?

Yes, that is illegal.

How much weed for 60 dollars?

"weed" (MARIJUANA) is illegal.

Is it illegal if the school doesn't know where you live?

It is probably illegal to provide incorrect information.

How do you spell alegul?

You probably mean illegal

Is it illegal to hunt a lynx in the US?


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there is probably another way but it is probably illegal