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Yes! First, check out the Guests with Disabilities FAQ on the official Disney website. Disney has a brochure with info on each theme park and resort, but they don�t like to mail them out. The reasoning being that the info could change before your visit. If you whine, they will send you one under protest. Whine. The monorail is 100% accessible. Most shuttle buses have handicapped access. Many boats ARE NOT handicapped accessible, so think twice before staying at a resort served primarily by the boats. When making a hotel reservation, call and speak directly to the front desk or manager at that hotel. Ask if they can accommodate your needs, or if they recommend another hotel. Usually a hotel manger would rather refer you to another property than disappoint you. The central reservations people don�t always have the most up-to-date information. (The is actually good advice whenever traveling.) Within the parks, check Guest Relations. They will provide hosts if assistance is needed. All rides, shows, restrooms and restaurants are accessible EXCEPT the Pirates of the Caribbean is not accessible by wheelchair. Disney staff is trained to be helpful about transfers from wheelchair to ride and back. If you have dietary restrictions, check with Guest Relations at each park, or City Hall on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. They will provide a list of dining options There is a website designed to support visitors with minor to major health and emotional issues, special needs and disabilities. You'll find the menus for all of the Disney restaurants along with the special dietary needs policies of each restaurant. There are also articles and resources. The website is: There's also a book called Walt Disney World with Disabilities by Stephen Ashley. It really is a book for almost anyone with any level of physical or emotional issues. It's available on and on the website.

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Q: Any tips for Walt Disney World visitors with disabilities?
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