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Walt Disney World offers a huge variety of active and spectator sports of all kinds. Most people just never notice, because they are too busy waiting in line at Dumbo. Most resorts offer weight and cardio equipment. Of course all have pools and many have sandy beaches on lakes. Bikes are available for rental at the Marketplace, as well as some resorts. Most of the resorts on the water rent boats and other water craft, from paddle boats, canoes and row boats to motor boats. The Yacht and Beach Club offers sailing lessons, and sail boat rentals.

Guided fishing expeditions are available from several resorts, including the Fort Wilderness Lodge. The guides not only help you catch fish, they will take you off the beaten path to see some of the natural wonders of central Florida, including alligators and egrets.

Experience the thrill of stock car racing at the Richard Petty Driving Experience. For about $100, you can ride in a stock car with a professional driver. Stock car driving lessons start at $300 for two hours. They�re limited to guests over 18, with a valid driver�s license, who already know how to drive a standard transmission.

You can learn to surf (with a real surf board) three mornings a week at the Cocoa Beach Surf School. It�s held in the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon, before the park opens. Waves range from 3ft. to 6ft.

Walt Disney World has five golf courses, plus the nine-hole Oak Trail for beginners. Walt Disney World is adjacent to one of the finest golf courses in the country.

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Q: Any tips for sports fanatics at Walt Disney World?
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Who invented Disney World?

Walt Disney invented Walt Disney world and Walt Disney land

Who is Disney World named after?

Walt Disney World is named after Walt Disney..... It was originally named Disney World, but was then changed to Walt Disney World to honor him.

Was Walt Disney the first person to lay a brick at Walt Disney World?

No, Walt Disney died before construction of Walt Disney World began.

Who is founder of Walt Disney?

WALT DISNEY is the founder of WALT DISNEY WORLD. hahaha

What was at Walt Disney World when Walt Disney was alive?

Walt Disney died before Walt Disney World opened. Of the 5 Disney resorts worldwide, Walt Disney only ever saw Disneyland, CA.

What was the working name for Walt Disney World?

The "working name"? Walt Disney World is known as Walt Disney World. If you mean its full official name, it's the Walt Disney World Resort.

Did Walt Disney find Walt Disney world?


How does Walt Disney changed the world?

he doesnt walt disney world is just a world (imagination) of walt disneys

Where is Disney Wide World of Sports located?

The ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex is located at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It used to be known as Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex before it was re-branded.

Who is Disney?

Walt Disney is a world famouseanimator who founded Walt Disney pictures

Was Walt Disney alive when Disney World opened?

No, Walt Disney World died on December 15, 1966. Walt Disney World opened on October 1, 1971.

Who owns Walt Disney?

The Walt Disney World Company

Who founded Disney World?

Roy Disney, brother of Walt Disney (1899-1966) opened Disney World (now Walt Disney World, or formally The Walt Disney World Resort) near Orlando, Florida in 1971.

Who designed Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney World, along with all of the Disney theme parks, was designed by Walt Disney Imagineering (formerly WED).

Who created Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney was the creative mind behind Disneyland & Disney World.

Was Walt Disney smart?

YES. Walt Disney is very smart because he created Walt Disney World and Walt Disney Land with all the Disney characters.

Is Tokyo Disneyland or Walt Disney World bigger?

Walt Disney World is larger.

How old was Walt Disney when he created Disney World?

Walt Disney World was opened 6 years after his death.

Did Walt Disney create Disneyland?

Walt Disney designed Disney Land at Disney World but his dad continued the plans after Walt Disney died

Why is it called Walt Disney World?

It was named after its creator, Walt Disney.

What is an interesting fact about Walt Disney World?

It was named after Walt Disney.

Who owns Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney World is owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company under their Walt Disney Parks division- which is currently owned by a businesswoman by the name of Meg Crofton

What are some of the locations for Walt Disney Resorts?

Some of the locations for Walt Disney Resorts are: Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Downtown Disney, ESPN Wide World of Sports, and Epcot Resort Area.

What did society do to remember Walt Disney?

In honor of Walt Disney, Disney World became Walt Disney World

Where would one find a hotel at Disney World?

There are many hotels around Disney World. Some are the Walt Disney Resort, Walt Disney World Dolphin, Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort, and Walt Disney World Swan.