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Anybody know how to email George Lopez?

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I don't believe George Lopez has a son. He has a daughter named Mayan Lopez. If you want to know the name of his character's son in the TV sitcom "George Lopez", the name is Max Lopez.

Constance Marie is know for her role as Angie on George Lopez

I don't know but I would like to know.

I don't know but at 10:00 pm every night on nickelodeon channel 33, there is a show called "GEORGE LOPEZ".

The media would love to know why Masiela Lusha did not return to George Lopez. Sadly the information was never made public.

george Lopez didnt have his parents there for him so he stayed with his grandma in her 2nd husband which paid little attention to not knowing he didnt really know his father any questions please email me on

Well, first you find his email address, which I don't know how to, then you email him.

3 i think 1 is George Lopez on Nick at Nite and a comedy show on comedy centeral idk the other one i know alot of his movies though

Get them to give you their email and password ,promise that u wont tell anybody else only you and that person know.

Not exactly, I mean he doesnt get married but I don't know of they are going to make more George Lopez episodes. But up to the last episode he doesn't. Shorter terms NO.

Please know that when I ask this question, I don't mean "Benny" and "Manny" from his show "George Lopez". :)


hey man email me I know of a person with that name

i really don't know i just like puting down answer i will get the info later

I know some are Taylor Lautner, Ashton Kutcher and George Lopez. Taylor is MINE!

One of the Spanish words George Lopez uses a lot is 'vato.' While not an actual "word" it is a slang-like expression which means 'homeboy' or 'bro'. Another phrase George uses is "sabes que?" which means "you know what?"

i know loads if you want some then email me because I don't want anybody else to know it's

It was because of creative differences, meaning she either left because she wanted more money or she didn't like where the role of her character was going. I heard she said in an interview that George Lopez was rude to her backstage, but I don't know if that's true or not.

You can ask them - that is the easiest way. Otherwise, sites like Facebook may let you discover the email address for anybody you know, provided they use that site. You may have to do some research on the internet to find out whether they do.

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