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Puppies are a load of work, but they're fun to have in the house. Spay and neuter, and if you just brought an untrained puppy home, put it in a closed room. Of course your puppy will get excited and do his business on your new rug, but with practice, and a boat-load of patience, your puppy will be learning each step, every day. First, start with something simple.

Make sure you already have a crate, leash, food and water bowls, treats, toys, and a collar. Those are the simple things you need to start out with. Show your puppy where his food and water his. Get your puppy adjusted to his new home. If you have an older dog at home with the puppy, he will bark and growl, and a slim chance of biting. Don't scold the dog. Award him for defending his territory.

After a long day, put your new puppy in his new crate with a treat and some toys. Make sure your crate is wide and tall enough for your dog to sit and lie down. If you can't put in at least two small toys in, then your crate is too small. The next day is starting potty training!

Puppies have a bladder span of an hour, so be sure to let your dog out quite often. Take your dog on a leash and take him in the yard for potty training. Remember, puppies don't have a long bladder span, so try to sit out there for 10 minutes, and if he doesn't do his business, wait until he does, because if you let him inside, he is more comfortable in the enviroment he already knows, so he pees where he knows best.

When that little rascal pees or poops outside, give him a treat and say "Good _____" every time he does his business. Everytime you say that phrase, and award him, he knows that he did something good. Don't change the phrase, or the puppy will be confused.

Crate time! Your puppy needs to get used to the crate, but the first day, don't introduce it to him until night comes. Let potty training and others come first. Put a treat and some toys in the crate and let him get settled. He WILL whimper and bark, but do your best to ignore him. Once he sees you wandering outside his crate, it's like bragging that you're free, so try to stay out of his sight.

Stick to your routine. Don't put crate training in the morning, and leash training at night. That isn't right. The puppy will always be in your routine, and he'll learn the routine, so do the training every day, so he can always be a part of it and learn. Have fun with your new puppy!

A Note From Experience

When you teach your dog to sit, my puppy, Rocco, caught onto the method when I first mentioned the word. Award your puppy with a treat, but don't show it to him. Say "sit" in a serious voice, so he doesn't think you're playing with him.

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Where can one find information on house training a puppy?

The local pet store is a key source of information when it comes to house training a puppy. These associates have undergone training and know the best tips for keeping owner and puppy happy.

5 month old puppy training tips?

I would suggest that you take the puppy to a puppy obedience class. Commonly you should have patience with the dog and teach the basics first: sit, stay, and lay down. You could also buy a dog training book to help guide you along.

I'm looking for puppy training information?

Training a new puppy is not for the faint of heart. It takes time, determination and a consistent approach. This yahoo link http://local.yahoo.com/MO/Kansas+City/Professional+Services/Animals+Pets/Dog+Behavior+Training will give you a number of training centers in your desired area. Yet if you do not have the money to pay for training, this site http://www.trainingpuppytips.com/ offers helpful tips on everything from what your puppy should eat to how to keep it from jumping on the furniture.

What are some training tips for a Yorkie puppy?

There are many different kinds of ways one can train their Yorkie puppy. Whenever the puppy does something good, give it a treat to know what it is doing is right. Be firm when trying to teach your dog to sit, it needs to understand who the master is.

Is the word training a verb?

Yes. She is training the puppy.

What is puppy potty training?

Training him/her to go outside.

Where can one get puppy obedience training?

One can get puppy obedience training at a Perfect Paws store. Look on Yelp for Perfect Paws stores or similar companies where one can get puppy obedience training for a fee.

How to Make the Puppy Training Process More Successful?

Puppy training can be a frustrating process, but it’s well worth a family’s time and efforts. An obedient puppy makes for a great addition to a household. No matter what type of puppy training a family undertakes, there are a few tips for success. In fact, there are specific practices that prove helpful in the puppy training process. The first step toward successful puppy training is to be consistent. After all, a puppy learns through repetition. In other words, if a family member tells the puppy to stay, he or she must follow through and make sure the puppy has obeyed the command. Telling a puppy to stay and then letting it wander away into another room will not help it to learn. In order for puppy training to be successful, a puppy must obey a command each and every time. The next step toward successful puppy training is to make sure that all members of the household participate in the project. For example, one family’s plan may be to stop their puppy from jumping up on visitors who arrive at the front door. In order for the training to work, each family member must be dedicated to instructing the puppy when he or she sees it jump. In short, if some family members allow the puppy to do what it wants while others issue instruction, the puppy will not absorb the lesson. All family members must work together to make a success of the puppy training process. The last and most important step in the puppy training process is the use of praise and reward. When a puppy relieves itself outside or stays when it is told to, it’s important to praise its behavior. Offering a puppy a small food reward or patting its fur lets the pet know that its behavior has pleased its owner. In addition, giving a puppy a reward right after it follows a command reinforces the particular lesson. Soon, the puppy will follow a command even if it’s not always offered a treat afterward. A reward or excited words of praise from an owner serve as effective tools in the realm of puppy training.

Is there a dog school?

yes there is it is call puppy academy for puppy training

Any tips for puppy training?

The key to housetraining success is being able to predict when your puppy needs to go, getting her outside in time, and then rewarding her for doing the right thing in the right place. This gets her in the habit of pooping and peeing outdoors.

Why is your puppy eating poop?

Your dog probably has worms!!! Your puppy needs training.

Its it good to use puppy training pads while you puppy is recovering from being spayed?

It depends on the dog. If the weather is bad or if you can't be home with it Puppy Training pads can work well.

What age do you start training your lurcher puppy?

you can start training a puppy as young as 4 weeks if you don`t have him/her yet then as soon as you get him/her home.

Does anyone have a free Great Dane puppy?

Why would I give you a puppy?

What is the most reliable dog training leash for a collie puppy?

Any short leash will be suitable for training a Collie puppy. The most important training technique is using a short leash while teaching the puppy to walk at one's side and not pull on the leash. Long reel leashes are not recommended for training the puppy. The short leash should always be slack.

How to Conduct a Search for a Puppy Training Professional?

A puppy training professional can help an owner work with a canine to teach it the basics of obedience. Not only can a puppy training professional teach a canine how to sit, stay, and come, he or she can also give an owner valuable advice regarding dog ownership. In order to end up with an obedient canine, puppy training must be done in a thorough way. Consequently, for a new puppy owner, finding the right puppy training professional is an important task.First, an owner can search for the name of a puppy training professional at his or her local veterinarian’s office. A vet will often know the names of professionals who can help with puppy training. Sometimes a puppy training professional will even post a flier with his or her basic information on a bulletin board in the waiting room of a veterinarian’s office. A puppy training professional who’s recommended by a veterinarian is likely to be in great demand.The second way to find a puppy training professional is to check with a local animal shelter. Animal shelter workers deal with dogs and puppies on a daily basis and would likely know of a puppy training professional. Furthermore, someone with a love for dogs who volunteers at the shelter may know a successful puppy training professional. In other words, in order to find a person who makes a living training puppies, it’s helpful to consult people who work in the field of animal care.Another avenue to finding a puppy training professional is to call a successful dog breeder. Chances are the person has had contact with a puppy training professional at one time or another. The breeder has probably encountered customers over the years who have inquired about a puppy training professional. The breeder may be able to refer a person to a puppy training professional with a wonderful reputation. In short, a canine breeder often has access to many dog-related resources.Patience, persistence, and knowledge of dogs are three qualities found in an effective puppy training professional. It’s worth an owner’s time and effort to seek out the most capable puppy training professional for the job.

Is there any puppy training classes in Ohio?

There are puppy training classes in Ohio at local community centers and also at animal training schools that are often very overpriced and expensive too.

How to Approach Puppy Training?

Puppy training is a necessary part of owning a dog if you want to be able to invite the dog into your house or spend time with the dog outside. It is important to begin puppy training the day that you bring your new puppy home. Consistency is the Key Puppy training can be difficult sometimes because it has to be done consistently. Even when the puppy is extremely cute and you know the puppy did not mean to do something wrong, you have to be firm and establish what the puppy is allowed to do and not allowed to do. If you change your rules with no apparent reason, the puppy will become confused and just do whatever he or she wants to do. Training requires clear behavior expectations and rewards for meeting those expectations. A reward can be as simple as a kind word or a good snuggle. Do Your Research Before you bring a new puppy into your home, do some research into puppy training. Learn a few tips to help you train your puppy as soon as he or she enters the house. Puppies are notorious for chewing, biting, barking, and using the bathroom where they should not. If you have already thought about what you will do when the puppy does one of these unacceptable behaviors, you will not be taken by surprise when it happens. Just having a loose plan will help you be more consistent in setting the boundaries for your new puppy. Establish That You are Always in Control It is extremely important that the puppy understands from the day you meet that you are the boss. You need to always have an air of control when the puppy is around. Do not let the puppy make decisions about where you go or what you do when he or she is on the leash, for example. If you remember that you are in control of every situation, the puppy will naturally look to you for how to behave in any given situation. Once your dominance is well established, it will be much easier to commence with some of the more complicated puppy training.

What are the ratings and certificates for Chuggington - 2008 Koko's Puppy Training?

Chuggington - 2008 Koko's Puppy Training is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

What treats can you give a puppy?

if you are training your puppy then you should used soft treats but you can give you puppy any treat that is intended for puppies

How do you train my 6 week old Doberman puppy?

Ask the breeder of your puppy for some tips and get yourself a book on Dobermans

How popular is litterbox training a puppy?

it's not the best way...try newspaper training it.

What is better blackberry curve or a puppy?

You can't call anyone on a puppy. BLACKBERRY all the way!

When do you start training a puppy to jog?

That is a great question. I trained my puppy, Droopy, to jog at the age of 6 weeks.

Can spaying lessen aggressive puppy biting?

Socializing and training the puppy will work better to alleviate biting. Make sure that the puppy has appropriate toys to teethe on.

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