Anyother way you can download cactus jacks theme because a friend heard LimeWire has a lot of viruses?


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i know.


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Limewire the music sharing software it self cannot give your computer viruses, however the things you download can do.

download frostwire best music downloader thing and its all free :) (its the same as limewire but it doesnt have viruses like limewire does)

Nopee you can not. You have to download itunes Or you can download limewire for free. I use limewire. No viruses or anything so far &+ I downloaded it a couple years ago. You should download limewire :]

go to and download frostwire, its just like limewire with no viruses

No matter what version of LimeWire, it is never 100% safe and still has files for download with viruses.

no but you can download viruses I don't think so.

The actual application of limewire is free from viruses if you download from the official website. Some of the media that you can download is corrupt and is infected with viruses, worms, trojans, adware and spyware. This really harm your computer.

Yes, you can download movies off of Limewire, but I wouldn't even recommend having Limewire at all because one of my coach's friends lost his WHOLE COMPUTER because of all the viruses on it. I've personally tried Limewire myself and HATED it. So, yeah, you can do alot of downloading on there, but it's not worth losing your whole computer.

Limewire is totally free.....but its somewhat illegal and gives your computer viruses!

limewire is used to download music for a portable music player, CAREFUL!!!!!!!! IT HAS VIRUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOUVE BEEN WARNED

No. It is the viruses you download with the songs using LimeWire that slow your computer down.

Log on to the Internet. you need to download a free music thing like utorrent and get torrents from piratebay or you can use limewire, but many viruses are found on limewire

limewire is a dirty program that contains dozens of viruses but yes you should be able to download a free trial

LimeWire is firstly illegal and can seriously harm your computer, firstly the software its self has viruses attached and the songs/videos you download also contain viruses, i strongly recommend you do not use it.

I know what happens you get the file you downloaded j/k Nothing much happens but you could get viruses because it is a sharing system

limewire downloads viruses

Limewire Pro is simply a version of Limewire with more functionality. It still uses the same p2p network so the search results and files available for download are not different.

Yes, you can, but I'd go with a different music downloading website simply because LimeWire has a LOT of viruses on it and my coach's friend lost his WHOLE COMPUTER BECAUSE OF THOSE VIRUSES. So I do NOT recommend it and I've tried LimeWire and did NOT like it at ALL.

The only things you need are Limewire itself and the Java Runtime Environment. - (You shouldn't be using Limewire, it has all sorts of viruses and spying devices, and if you download it it can hack into your files etc.)

Nope, you can get many viruses from limewire

Limewire would be your best bet, althoughh it can give you alot of viruses...

yes i do because it doesnt give you viruses. only the files do.

Answer to your question:The main thing is that you can download files that contain serious viruses. They can install on your computer when you open the file. Viruses are usually found in programs such as .zip and .exe type files. I suggest not downloading programs from limewire since many contain viruses. If you want to download a program, scan the files with a virus scanning program.

LIMEWIRE, itself will NOT harm your computer. The kind of files you download can. Many of these files contain viruses, spyware, and other computer corrupting nasties. P2P programs are not harmful to your computer, but if you download the wrong file you can be infected.

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