Apan in World War 2did harriet truman bomb j?

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Did Truman make a mistake when he made the decision to drop the atomic bomb in World War 2?

In hindsight we can see that there might have been superior options. It is now fairly clear that Japan would likely have surrendered in a few weeks or months regardless of the

What did Hideki Tojo think of Harry Truman dropping the atomic bomb on Japan in World War 2?

Answer . Nothing has been said about his feelings towardPresident Truman. Tojo had attempted suicide, shortly after the bombs had fallen and was executed a few years later.
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What happened to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in J apan?

The mortality was greater in Hiroshima because the city was located in a flat delta, in contrast to Nagaski's Urakami Valley. The Nagasaki-Urakami is enclosed by mountain ridg