Approximatly how meany people live in Liverpool?

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aprox. 435,500
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Where is Liverpool?

The most well known Liverpool is located in England, although thereare several other Liverpool's throughout the world. Liverpool is acity and a metropolitan borough located at Merseyside, England, atthe eastern side of the Mersey estuary.

How many people are in Liverpool?

Within the city boundaries , approximateley 450,000 , but taking in the adjacent boroughs of knowsley and Sefton ( separated only by borough lines ) the figure goes up to about 800,000.

What are people who live in Liverpool called?

Scousers.. More information . Strictly speeaking its "Liverpolitan" but this has probably not been used for some years - it was replaced by "Liverpudlian."

What is a liverpool?

Liverpool F.C. is a football team located in Liverpool, England.They currently play in the English Premier League. Historically,Liverpool have been one of the most successful English teams,though they have not won a title in the Premier League era.

Approximatly how many guns are there in the USA?

Somewhere around 200 million. It varies slightly depending on who you ask because there is no national registration and therefore no real way to know exactly how many there are.

Irish people in Liverpool?

There are a huge amount of Irish people or people of Irish ancestry in Liverpool. Liverpool is the nearest English city to Dublin, and there has always been strong links between the two cities in many ways, like socially, culturally, economically. politically etc. Liverpool has been described as the ( Full Answer )

Liverpool is where?

It is in England, however there is a club in south America also called Liverpool. The one in England is the most famous one of them all.

What does approximatly mean?

About as in "There was about 43 flowers in the vase". So it's to show not the exact number but just about, near the right number.

How meany people live in japan?

The estimated population for the country of Japan as of 2014 is127.6 million people. The island of Japan is located in the PacificOcean and is part of Asia.

Why are people with the surname 'Hughes' called Yozzer in Liverpool?

They are often called Yozzer because in Liverpool, the surname"Hughes" is pronounced "Yuze." This may also be a carry-over from an iconic television seriescalled Boys From The Blackstuff , first shown late in 1982,which dealt in a darkly humorous way with the chronic unemploymentin the area. A cen ( Full Answer )

Did Adolf Hitler ever live in Liverpool?

Further digging reveals that only one document supports the alleged visit. Written in the 1930's for publication and for money, when he was both famous and respected . He did have a half-brother who lived there and a nephew was born there. The sister-in-law wrote the story, but nothing else backs it ( Full Answer )

What is the best place in Liverpool to live?

A good portion of Liverpool real estate has been purchased by a certain ethnic group that worships Sin, the moon god (a.k.a. Allah). So, the question of 'best place to live' might be the wrong focus. Where's the safest place to live in Liverpool might be more appropriate.

Where did the Beatles live in Liverpool?

Lennon lived in Woolton on Menlove Avenue, McCartney in Allerton on Forthlin Road, Harrison in Wavertree on Arnold Grove and later Speke, and Starr in Dingle on Madryn Street.

Liverpool vs West Ham United live can watch?

Liverpool vs West Ham United live you can watch You can watch here free :

Where did Paul McCartney live in Liverpool?

I don't know exactly where he lived but I have been there. He lived in a small house in a long road. Surronded by loads of other houses. But sadly Ringos house has been torn down and replaced with a block of Flats!

How meany dogs live in china?

I'm sure you meant many not many and a Lot of dogs live in china, there is no way to know the specific amount because new dogs are born everyday and other dogs die or are killed everday :( sadly the Chinese use those types of animals for fur. so ya...there is no way to tell exactly how many dogs liv ( Full Answer )

How do you watch liverpool vs sunderland live online?

I know that at least in the united states, you can watch allpremier league matches via the NBC sports network website for free.Otherwise, BBC gives live scores and MIGHT offer a stream.

Where does Gerard live from liverpool?

Steven Gerrard was born in Whiston Hospital, which is in fact in Knowsley. He grew up on the Blue Bell, an estate in Huyton, which is also in Knowsley. I think he now lives in Formby, however I'm not certain.

How meany people is in England?

The population of England is around 50 million. When Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are added, the population of the UK is around 62 million.

Are people stupid for supporting Liverpool?

Yes there must be very mentally retarded. If people support livo they are better off not even supporting a team and should sit in a corner for the rest of there life. :)

How meany people went to the Olympics for Jamaica 2012?

Jamaica sent a delegation of 50 athletes (25 men and 25 women), and its athletes broke the nation's record for the number of medals (all 12 awarded in the track and field), won in a single games.

Where do Liverpool players live?

They can live anywhere! However depending on what club you play for (Liverpool) they are advised to stay in or close to the city. Mist Liverpool players live in Liverpool

How meany people did you help?

It depends on what I was helping them with. Sometimes I can only help one person at a time. At work, I can help hundreds of people a day with certain concerns.

How meany Bigfoot have people seen?

Well if there is such a thing as a Bigfoot, then people have seenquite a number of them. However, as yet there is no absolute proofthat there is such an animal as a Bigfoot. In view of this thecorrect answer is "none" (you can not actually see what does notexist).