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well there is a code. I only got it for Pokemon platinum

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Q: Ar code for azure flute for Pokemon Platinum?
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Is there an action replay code for the azure flute in Pokemon platinum?


Where is the azure flute located in Pokemon platinum?

you need an action replay code to get it

Where can you find azure flute in Pokemon platinum?

From the mystery gift of course. You need a code for that! ;)

Pokemon platinum how does the azure flute code work?

hold lr then go into a pokemart

What is the action replay code for azure flute in Pokemon platinum?

The acton replay code for the azure flute is 94000130 fcff0000 b2101140 00000000 0000b5d4 0000000a d2000000 00000000

How do you get arceause in Pokemon platinum?

you need an azure flute. Get one by an event or Action Replay Code

What is the ar dsi code for azure flute in Pokemon platinum?

i dont remember the code but you can go to my website

What is the code on the action replay for arceus on Pokemon platinum?

Theres no code! You have to get the code for the azure flute then go to spear pillar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get an Azure Flute in Pokemon Platinum?

Since the Azure Flute event was never released, the only way to get it now is by using a cheating device. I recommend using an Action Replay with the correct and popular code for the Azure Flute.

Code for azure flute for action replay on platinum?


How do you get your bag highlighted on Pokemon platinum when you try to cheat to get the azure flute?

you type the first number 1 in the code

Is there an Action Replay code for the Azure Flute in Pokemon SoulSilver?

I'm not sure. But, if you want an Azure flute, go for it.

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