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What is the effect of exercise on your flexibility

What is the fibrous connective tissue that holds bones in a joint together

What type of muscle straightens a joint

Which type of cancer is the leading cause of death

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Q: Are there any health risks associated with wearing an artificial necklace?
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How and where can you get an associated degree for mental health?

How and where can you get an associated degree for mental health?

Which is the artificial meat developed in Netherlends?

ovi health

What health affects are associated with the ozone?

The health effects associated with ozone are:Suppression of immune systemEYe cataractSKin cancer.

What are the disadvantages of not wearing deodorant?

Smell and sweat stains. No health concerns about not wearing it though.

What Problems associated with the aged?


Are there any health risks associated with using flavored coffee?

Actually there is an ongoing debate whether or not artificial flavored substances pose any types of health risk. The Food and Drug Administration has approved 6 different types of artificial flavoring. They are stevia, aspartame, sucralose, neotame, acesulfame potassium, and saccharin. There is as of this date (05/09/11), no definite side effects from using small amounts of flavored coffee which have artificial flavoring as an additive.

Why is using artificial sweetner a bad choice?

It IS unsafe because it has been proven by doctors to cause cancer and be bad for your health. My teacher, a health coach, has said that artificial sweetners are unhealthy.

What are human health problems associated with the thinning of the ozone layer?

The health problems associated are:Skin cancerEye cataractSuppression of immune system.

Which is an example of prevention in relation to health?

Wearing a seatbelt

Which is an example of prevention in relation health?

Wearing a seatbelt

Is candiral is unhealthy for health?

Canderel is an artificial sweetener and is the leading aspartame sweetener in France and the UK. Artificial sweeteners have been under a great deal of investigation in relation to possible health risks.

What are the health risks associated with the illegal use of drugs?

Drugs - Other complications associated with crack cocaine useinclude; ...Heroin addiction is associated with serious health conditions, including fatal ...

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