Annie Oakley

Are Annie leblanc has a sister?

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I was born on December 5, 2004.

Annie Oakley had 1 sister and 5 brothers

She didn't have one, she only had six siblings! Annie Oakley had seven siblings including one sister, who died at age 7.

Her sister's name was Mary Jane and she died of tuberculosis. She died when Annie was 7.

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Yea and her older sister

she had seven siblings and also one half sister named Emily, related to Annie from her mother's side.

Because Naomi thinks that Annie slept with her boyfriend, Liam, when really it was Naomi's sister who slept with Liam.

"Leblanc" means "The White" in french

Matt LeBlanc is a christian

Yes. She hadseven and one half sister.

Sister Marion 1850 Sister Annie Josephine 1854 Brother Joseph Ruggles 1865

Annie was the oldest child out of Jimmy Sullivan who were born by Alice Sullivan then when Annie was six her mom died then her father remarried a new women and then they had a child named Mary. So Annie kind of had a sister

Annie means a tomboy jackass. This person has a sister that is the complete opposite. Her sister is nice, honest and also cares for others. And Annie shows off and she is always acting like she is too cool for anything. So pretty much she is a super jackass that is a tomboy and always shows off.

No she most definetly is not.

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Georgette Leblanc died in 1941.

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Nicolas Leblanc died in 1806.

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