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According to this site they are: so it meanzz yaa !!!! lolzz

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Q: Are Apple iPods going down in price in June?
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Apple inc stock?

As of June 27, 2012, Apple Inc. stock price was 91.98 up by 1.08 (1.19%).

What is the Highest price paid for an apple computer?

An original Apple 1 was sold for $18,000 at the La Salle Gallery in San Francisco on June 29, 1999.

What is the purchase price per share for apple?

Currently, at 12:05 EDT, June 1st, 2010, $262.91. See related link.

How many iPods are sold each year?

I can't say how many are sold each year, but as of June, 2005, Apple had sold over 20 million units, and that included 6.15 million in the second quarter of 2005 alone. Hope that helps.

What was the price of a gallon of gas in June 2009?

The price of gasoline in June 2009 was $2.69/gal

What was the price of DuPont stock on June 13 1997?

price of dupont stock June 13, 1997

When was apple 2 computer invented?

The Apple 2 was introduced into the market on June 6, 1977.

When is the 2011 wwdc for apple?

It starts on June 6.

When did apple stock split?

Apple has declared three 2 for 1 splits throughout its publicly traded life. June of 1987, June of 2000, and February of 2005.

What year did the Apple iPhone come out?

June the 29th 2007

When was Ellen Price born?

Ellen Price was born on June 21, 1878.

How much was the first apple computer?

The first ever Apple computer was called the Apple I, sold in June of 1976. It was priced at $666.66, which is about the worth of $2,690 today.

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When is the next iPhone update coming out?

iPhone 6 release date is not far away because Apple will release iphone 6 at WWDC 2014 which is going to happern in June 2014.

What are the release dates for Apple Pies - 1912?

Apple Pies - 1912 was released on: USA: 19 June 1912

When was iPhone invented and by who?

The iPhone was invented by Apple at California in June 2007

Has apple declared a stock split?

Apple has declared three 2 for 1 splits throughout its publicly traded life. June of 1987, June of 2000, and February of 2005. A 2 for 1 stock split is accomplished by doubling the amount of shares outstanding and reducing the price per share by one half. While stock splits do not change the fundamentals of a corporation, it may allow investors who deem a certain price per share as out of their desirable range an incentive to engage in ownership. Apple currently trades around $230 per share (as of March 2010). A 2 for 1 split would reduce the price per share to $115 while doubling the amount of shares outstanding. Therefore investors who currently own the stock would not be effected. The new $115 price per share (which has created no additional value in the company) may now attract more investors. Recently there have been rumors that Apple will perform another stock split. Apple has refuted the statements as incorrect.

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How much are Apple and Microsoft worth?

On the 24th June 2011 Apple is valued (Market Capitalization) at $306.31 billion and Microsoft at $207.70 billion.

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Bill Gates never worked for Apple. He retired from Microsoft on June 27, 2008.

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