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Well, some parents don't approve of all the makeup they wear and their style of clothing. Their heads are also too large for their body's. But there are still a lot of people who buy Bratz. The answer to are Bratz still popular would be sort of. Barbie dolls are still the most popular dolls on the market.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-15 08:19:16
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Q: Are Bratz still popular
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Are American Girlz the most popular dolls?

they are but Bratz still holds the lead

Dose the bratz channel still come on?

yes bratz channel still comes on it is on boomerang

Will the bratz ever be back?

the bratz never left they still are in stores

Are Bratz dolls popular?

Bratz dolls and merchandise were very popular in 2005 but there have been many that have complained about the sexuality of the dolls and popularity has waned.

Who plays jade in bratz?

Look who cares I mean who still watch bratz any who grow up!

Are bratz dolls still being made?

Well there will be 10 new Bratz dolls in October 2010

Do they still make bratz toys?

Yes they do

What number is the new bratz channel?

There's no such thing as a Bratz Channel. The Bratz line of merchandising isn't popular enough that a cable channel would be entirely dedicated to them. Unless you're referring to the YouTube Bratz channel, than it's obviously not a number. You simply search Bratz on YouTube.

Why is jade not part of bratz kidz?

I think she still is.

Who owns bratz now?

Currently, MGA still own the Bratz dolls, however this may not be permanent because MGA's appeal against Mattel still isn't over.

Who is the most popular bratz doll?

Chole is the most popular Bratz doll because she has the Blonde hair every girl wants, and because of her face. Jade on the other hand, is also as popular as Chloe because she has the clothes the girls like. Hope this helps :)

How did prima j become popular?

prima j became popular when their single "Rockstar" came out in "Bratz" the movie

Is the Bratz ciompany done making Bratz?

Some people are saying that they have stopped making bratz dolls, but, they are still on the shelves. They have stopped making them :( and the stores can only sell whats left.They have not stopped making bratz it's just they do not make new ones often.

What is bratz cloe personality?

popular ---- She is also sporty and a bit of a drama queen

Why are bratz so popular?

Cuz They Have A Band And They Help People That's Why , GOT IT!!!!?

Are barbies popular?

They were in old days but now moxie Girlz and Bratz are hot in the season.Mostly moxie girlz but alot of girls like me like bratz and moxie girlz.

What bratz movie should you watch first the bratz babyz bratz kidz of bratz?


What are all of the bratz games?

bratz forevar dimonds and bratz rock angels bratz the movie

Is bratz tv series still on?

yes it is. it is about them stating a teen magisine

Are Bratz dolls still being made in 2011?

Heck ya

How many bratz PS2 games are there?

I think there are 4.Bratz the movie,Bratz forever diamonds,Bratz rock angel and Bratz girls really rock

Who invented bratz kids?

The people who made bratz and bratz babyz

What is there to know about bratz?

Barbie took bratz to court because a person that worked for Barbie went over and sarted working for Bratz doll co. he started to still Barbie clothing line Barbie got mad and asked them if they would stop using their styles they still used them so when they went to court Barbie won!!!!!!!! so they had to take them off of shelves all over the world some are still on the shelves but think about one of thees days the Bratzs will be collectibles so keep them and because of this their is Know longer a bratz Website but if you have be Bratz it should still work!

Is bratz rock angelz PlayStation game still selling in 2010?

I do not hopefully it is.

Are bratz still out?

Yes they are. There are new dolls coming out on 10/10/10