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Manufactured by MGA Entertainment, Bratz Dolls are fashion dolls which portray teenagers with characteristics of skinny bodies, large heads, glossy lips and almond-shaped eyes. Original line of Bratz dolls such as Jade, Cloe, Yasmin and Sasha are expanded with many spin-offs.

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Bratz Dolls

Would a Blythe doll wig fit on bratz doll?

No, a Blythe's wig would be too big to fit on a Bratz doll, so, it wouldn't fit. Hope this Helps :)

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Bratz Dolls

Where can you find a Bratz Sew Stylin' Machine owner's manual?

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How do you clean your fish tank in bratz babyz fish tanks?

Just go the the button at the bottom of the screen that says 'Buy Supplies' and click it. When you do, under the heading 'Equipment' is a 'Fish-Fresh Water Filter' which you can purchase for $50.

Bratz Dolls

What is a bratz doll's code?


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Bratz Dolls

What is the secret code for the bratz doll liliana?


Bratz Dolls

What to do if your usb key for your be bratz is not working?

Go onto this website:

and go to the help section and they will send you an email telling you what to do.

I only know this because my friend plays it... I dont play it coz i have a life....

Bratz Dolls

Are Bratz still popular?

Well, some parents don't approve of all the makeup they wear and their style of clothing. Their heads are also too large for their body's. But there are still a lot of people who buy Bratz. The answer to are Bratz still popular would be sort of. Barbie dolls are still the most popular dolls on the market.

Bratz Dolls

Are moxie girls the same size as bratz?

Well, kinda just about half an inch taller.

Bratz Dolls

How do you get bratz hair color out of kids hair?

you dont do anything!!1

Bratz Dolls

What is bratz liliana's nickname?

The bratz girl Liliana's nickname is "Dazzle".

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When was the first Bratz doll made?

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Bratz Dolls

What are the bratz girls names?

Well, there's Yasmine, Chloe, Jade, Sasha, Dylan, and more.

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What channel does bratz come on for dish network?

in do not know you tell me

Bratz Dolls

Are bratz stuff still being sold?

Not anymore. One reason that they are not being sold is because the guy who created Bratz was working for the Barbie corporation at the time that he came up with the idea. He had a contract, and part of the contract said something about any ideas that he comes up with belong to Barbie. Since he was working for Barbie when he came up with the idea, he got sued big time over it. Also, a lot of parents had a problem with the body shape and outfits the bratz wore. They exposed to much or the style was to adult oriented.

In 2010 they are making anniversary Bratz. it is going to have the four originals (Jade, Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin) and some other Bratz characters. I read somewhere that they are changing their body, attitude, and style. I'm not 100% on that because you can't trust everything on the internet, but it is most likely true because of all the complaints over those things.

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When did moxie girls first come out?


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What is Sasha off of bratz real name?

On the show Bratz Tia Mowry is the voice of Sasha

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Who plays jasmin in bratz the movie?

By 'Jasmine' I presume you mean Yasmin. The actress who plays Yasmin in the live-action film 'Bratz: the Movie' is Nathalia Ramos, however, if you wanted to know who does Yasmin's voice in the TV series, you're looking for Dionne Quan


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Bratz rock angelz how to beat burden to get contract for Cloe?

By putting the skates on and skating on top of the contract. But hurry up before Burdine gets it.

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How many chapters are there in bratz 4 real?

no idea! I think a few!

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Will there be bratz season 3?

yes ther miht be on 2011

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Is Alonce from Bratz Sasha's interview a parody of Beyonce?

Yes a Alonce to is an RnB superstar like beyonce.

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Are Bratz dolls still being made in 2011?

Heck ya

Bratz Dolls

On Bratz bratz Forever Diamondz ds Version How do you get Outside?

you cant go out side but if you click on the floating icons on the bottom screen itll take you to a game

Bratz Dolls

How do you make your own bratz clothes?

making your bratz clothesdraw out your designmake shaw its in pencil and make ajustments if needed... equipment needed...old clothes


cut out a piece of material make sure it is long enough to fit around your bratz doll add buttons or a zip then add feathers sequins .......

make sure it fits!!!!!!!!!!!!

You must have parents help you if your 9 or under

Bratz Dolls

When is Bratz season 3 coming out?

Its probably coming in 2013-2014 if it doesn't try watching the movie first. Hope i helped.


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