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Brazilians because Brazilians come from a really hot place so they were tang tops and everything

That is ture about Brazilians but what I can say about most German girls they are mostly very loyal, faithful and honest. But Brazilians are very impressive.

Also many people in Brazil of ethnic German ancestry or origin. What is very intesting is that, German dialects together are the second most spoken first language in Brazil.

Brazilian Female Models of German descent have achieved fame in the fashion world and in beauty contests. Many are world-class models or supermodels and seem to be proportionally better represented in these areas than Brazilian models of other ethnic origins. There is a whole list in wikipedia of woman:

The small cities of the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul are ideal grounds for talent hunters from all over the world. The best known German Brazilian model is Gisele Bündchen; others include Ana Claudia Michels, Ana Hickmann, Mariana Weickert, Letícia Birkheuer, Raquel Zimmermann, Cintia Dicker, Solange Wilvert, Monique Olsen, Carol Trentini, Jeísa Chiminazzo, Shirley Mallmann and Bruna Erhardt.

Winners of the Miss Brazil beauty pageant have included Vera Fischer (1969), Mariza Sommer (1974), Ingrid Budag (1975), Eveline Schroeter (1980), Maria Carolina Portella Otto (1990), Leila Cristine Schuster (1993), Thaisa Thomsen (2002), Carina Beduschi (2005) and Rafaela Zanella (2006).

The Miss Brazil 2007 pageant broke all records regarding the participation of women of German descent. They were: Jakeline Lemke (state of Espírito Santo), Priscilla Riker (Amazonas), Liandra Schmidt (Goiás), Sabrina Rhoden (São Paulo) and Manoella Heiderscheidt (Santa Catarina).

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Q: Are Brazil girls or German girls hotter?
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