Are Chow Chow puppies born with long hair?

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No. They are born with about 1/2 inch fur.
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How long do chow chow dogs live?

Answer . Chow Chow dogs can live to the average of 15 years, but with good genes and good veterinary care some Chow Chows can live longer. The average life expectancy for a healthy Chow Chow is 11-12 years

How do you make puppy chow?

14 oz. of Chex cereal 2 cups of powdered sugar 1/2 cup of butter 1 cup of peanut butter 2 cups of semi-sweet choclate chips Place cereal in a large bowl. Melt butter, peanut butter and choclate chips in a double boiler and stir until smooth. Pour over ceral. Stir to coat the cereal and add the coate ( Full Answer )

What is a Chow Chow?

A Chow is a breed of dog that people believe originated in China. They are close relatives with the Shar Pei and one of their distinct features, in which they are known for, is their blue-black or purple tongue.

Why do Chow Chows have blue tongues?

Honestly, no one knows. It was once believed that the Chow Chow was related to bears in and around the area of China, Mongolia and Manchuria who also shared the blue black tongue. However, genetic testing reveals that the Chow Chow is 100 percent canine. This particular trait is only shared by the C ( Full Answer )

Does dogs like to eat puppy chow?

Full grown dogs nearly all like eating puppy chow. However they shouldn't, because the things in it (like fat & nutrients) that help a puppy grow will make a full grown dog get fat quickly. It would be like eating candy non-stop.

How do you make pink puppy chow?

A person can make pink puppy chow by mixing red velvet cake mix andcream cheese to cover the Chex cereal. This will give the puppychow a pink hue.

Where did puppy chow originate?

My great grandmother told me the story of how the name "puppy chow" originated. When mom's would make this treat for their children, they started begging for the treat like little "puppies" , then would CHOW down on it once they received it.

Do you put puppy chow in the refrigerator?

No I dont think puppies would eat it if its cold I assume that since this question is posted under the desserts section, you must be asking about the puppy chow made with chex mix, chocolate and peanut butter. You can put it in the fridge, but you don't have to....

How do you know what to ask chow chow breeders when buying chow chow puppies?

Ask them about the pedigree of the parents and if you can you see the parents. Ask to see the chow chow puppies with their mother to see how well socialized they are. Some chow chow breeders are disreputable and sell chow chow puppies from puppy farms so be sure to ask a lot of questions, including ( Full Answer )

Are chow chow puppies born with solid blue-black tongues?

Chow puppies are not born with a blue tongue. It is pink at birth, as is the nose and pads of feet on most colors of the breed (red, blue, cream, cinnamon (looks silverish at birth with tan undercoat will be the color of beach sand normally as an adult) except for blacks. Their pigment start to come ( Full Answer )

What is puppy chow made out of?

trust me its not made of puppys its made by ghow from chapan using mixes of , noodles , beef , and ramii

When do you start to feed puppies puppy chow?

on the bag of puppy chow should be ages and how much to feed them. if not just call local vet office and ask whoever answers the phone, they will know

How long does chow chow mix with German shepherds live?

About 15 years max but they can get older if taken very well care of normally however that is the oldest before health problems arise from old age and the dog will suffer if it gains ailments such as hip dysplasia, arthritus, cataracts, ect.

Can puppies eat pet rice mixed with puppy chow?

You can feed your puppy rice with their puppy chow. In fact, most veterinarians will instruct you to feed your dog rice with boiled chicken or cottage cheese when your dog becomes ill. This is because these foods are very bland and will not upset your dog's stomach as easily as their regular food.

Puppy chow with powderd suger for people?

Absolutely NOT! Processed sugar is bad for people and just as bad, or worse for dogs! Get those pups on a good quality diet (Evo, or Blue Buffalo or Innova or Wellness). They will thank you!

HOW LONG do chow chow's live?

On average books will say anywhere from 9 to 12 years with a few up to 15 years. I had two Chow Chows. My oldest passed away at 16. The remaining one, having just had her 15th birthday, only suffers from a bit of arthritis plus some degree of hearing and vision loss. If someone takes good care of t ( Full Answer )

HOW LONG do chow chow?

"HOW LONG do chow chow?" If you are trying to say how long do they get. Then approximately 3 feet from nose to tail.

Where can you find online printable puppy chow coupons?

You can find coupons for puppy chow at a standard coupon website (,, etc) or you can go directly to the maker of the puppy chow like Purina or Iams and many times they will offer coupons

How do you train a chow chow puppy?

You have to show the the pup that you're boss. Reward them with treats when they behave. Eventually, your pup will learn the process, behave good and get a treat.

Is puppy chow kosher?

Usually not, but dogs, even those owned by Jews, are not themselvesJews and are therefore not under the requirement to eat kosher.

What is the scientific name of a Chow Chow?

\nAll dogs are the same species and they all have the same scientific name: Canis familiaris.\n. \nChow chow does have a scientific name because it is a breed and not a species

Can chow chows live outside?

Yes. I have a Chow Chow that was living indoors until I got her. I had her live outdoors and she is still living wonderfully with her best friend and her son.

How long does a lab chow mix live?

my estimate is about 11-15 years depending on health condition, physical strength, diseases and health problems, mix breeds usually are the easiest to keep away from genetic problems because they don't have the same weaknesses as purebreds

What age do puppies eat puppy chow?

At 3 months you should slowly starts giving the puppy puppy chow (hard food). Moisten it with water at first (until it is not hard and soft in the middle) and then after a week of moistening it with water, you should make it so it is harder in the middle, and then after a week of that you should try ( Full Answer )

What colors are chow chows?

Pure bred Chow Chow's can be a few different colors. Typically; black, red or "cinnamon", a light brown/tan, and even "blue" which is a very very dark shiny black.

Should the puppy chow be soaked in milk to soften it up?

No. Not with milk but with a special formula found at most animal stores. Put it in your puppies food in the morning and the night. The formula softens the food so that your puppy will not choke on he/she food.

Does puppy chow take 5 days to make?

Yes, You have to make it then lay it in snow, then take it to your neighbor to improve it and its a total of 5 days.

Can kids eat puppy chow?

Well, while it may not be the best food for them, it wont hurt them or anything. Dog food is made from meat byproducts and some of the tougher meat from chicken, beef, lamb, or even fish. The proteins are combined with a carbohydrate (usually rice or corn) and processed so it has a very long shelf l ( Full Answer )

How much are the real chow chow puppies and no cross?

I just purchased a pet quality black/rough coated Chow Chow for 2500$, not including shipping. He came from Oregon, and I am in Michigan, so shipping was hundreds. He has been gene tested for eyes, elbows, and hips. Go to The cheapest CC I could find locally (by comparison), wa ( Full Answer )

Who invented the human puppy chow?

Puppy Chow Human Snack food emerged in the 1980-90s using Chex cereals. A local mom actually made it up! Go figure. :P

How long do chow chow dogs sleep?

OK i have no clue what the answer is but who would ever ask this question? It's a very smart question:) I really like people who ask questions like this one, But I am really sorry, but I really don't know the answer to this question, but I will try to find out.

When do puppies eat puppy chow?

After about 4 - 6 weeks from feeding from their mother, you can always practice teaching them how to properly eat. The young puppies might always need milk from their mother, ( although most puppies grow out of it.) so if your puppy doesn't want to eat the food, it's OK.

What is the protein level on Puppy Chow?

Puppy Chow has a protein content of 27%. This is derived from animal products chicken being the main source of protein. Depending on how the the analysis of the chow is conducted the protein content may vary by 1% up or down.

What websites offer a good puppy chow recipe?

A website that offers good puppy chow would be YourCupOfCake. YourCupOfCake contains a large variety of good puppy chow recipes you can choose from. One delicious one revealed on the site is Cookies and Cream Puppy Chow.

In what year was Stephen Chow born in?

Stephen Chow was born in June of 1962 in Hong Kong, China. He has had a varied career featuring roles in movies, writing movies, directing movies and even stint in politics.