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Yes, it will be on Chris Brown's next CD.

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โˆ™ 2007-03-16 20:48:18
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Q: Are Ciara and Chris Brown recording a song together?
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Is Chris Brown going out with ciara?

No, Chris Brown is not dating Ciara.

Is ciara and Chris Brown going together?

hell no he finding someone else

Did Chris Brown reject Ciara?

Sorry Chris for this one!!!! ciara rejected him...

What did ciara have to do with the break up with Chris Brown and rihanna?

did chris and ciara date

Does Ciara Think Chris Brown is hot?

I think that Ciara knows that chris brown's hot and they should go out together everyone knows that and most of them wants to go out with him including me

Are Chris Brown and Ciara going out?

no they are not.

Who dors ciara go with?

chris brown

Are chris b and ciara dating on 42507?

i think that chris brown and ciara will make a really great cople.and riahann and chris brown dose not make a go cople.

Does Chris Brown and Ciara really like each other?

no chris brown and ciara are just friends they do not have a relationship with each other. But ciara and Bow Wow use to date, but they broke up. :)

Are Chris Brown and Ciara having a baby?

no wowNo they are not.

Did Ciara and Chris Brown have a secret relationship?

yes they do

Did ciara have a crush on Chris Brown?

maybe but who wouldn't

Chris Brown and Ciara?

No. It's Rihanna Chris is going out with her right now..

Ciara like Chris Brown?

No. Ciara and Chris Brown preformed 'Take U Down' on B.E.T, but there is no romantic involvement. It's also rumored that Chris Brown will be featured in a collaboration on Ciara's new CD 'Fantasy Ride'.

Does chrisbrown like ciara?

no but yes she does like chris brown

Ciara and Chris Brown them to kiss each other?

No they didn't

Is chris brown in a relaionship right now?

He is in a relationship with Ciara.

Does Chris Brown like Jordan Sparks or Ciara Harris?

Chris Brown does not like Jordan Sparks or Ciara Harris. All three of these artists are in other long term relationships. Chris is with Karrueche Tran, Jordan is Jason Derulo, and Ciara is engaged to the rapper Future.

On the total request live chris brown made an appearance with who?


Did both Ciara and Rihanna go with Chris Brown?

I say yes

Does Chris Brown go with ciara?

yes they do you saw the BET Awards 2008

Who are Beyonce's friends?

Missy Elliot, Ciara Chris Brown etc. oo i don't think chris brown is her friend. i think instead chris brown i think KELLY is her friend one of her destiny's chid

Was Rihanna mad at the awards after ciara danced on chris brown?

i really do think so, who wouldn't be

Did Chris Brown ever go with ciara?

Yes in 2008 but not this year you knpow cuz Rihanna..

What colors is ciara?

ciara is a brown color