Robyn Rihanna Fenty, better known as simply Rihanna is a Barbadian singer and model who moved to the United States at the age of 16 to pursue a recording career. In 2005 she released her debut studio album, Music of the Sun, which peaked within the top ten of the Billboard 200.

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Celebrity Relationships
Chris Brown

Who is Chris Brown dating?

Chris Brown is not dating anybody right now. He is single.


What does Rihanna like?

she likes singing ,dancing she also likes shopping and hanging out with her friends.

As far as music is concerned Rihanna is a big fan of Eminem and respect him a lot as an artist like most people do in the industry. As far as love is concerned nothing makes us believe that she does "like" him, but she "likes" the friendship they have.

She obviously likes Chris Brown

She likes T.I and Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake ugly

No even though chris brown beat her up she forgave him and she only loves him they are perfect together and they will be for the rest of there lives.

Rihanan like her fans and friends, such as Jay-z, Kanye West. She said Kanye West and Jay-Z are like brothers to her. She likes the people that made her as popular as she is now. She like all the people who has supported her through her fame.woooooow

No, Rihanna and Jay Z are just very close friends because Jay Z discovered her amazing talent. Do remember Jay Z is married to Beyoncé Knowles.

rihanna probably likes neyo but not in a relationship way

Rihanna is good looking and her dream is to be a succeed in singing and she do very well .....She likes her personality very much i saw some stories about rihanna at

nice source about hot girl.

she likes pizza.

sara ahmed

she hates all oif the attention

yep rihanna quote "loves [Miley's] cute personality"

rihanna likes singing and dancing


red, the color of hearts

She likes to sing for her and family's enjoyment.

Dr suess

well rihanna likes to sing because her mother was a sing and it runs in her family and why shes so good is because she started singing at the age of 15 and when she was that age that's when she did her first preformance

Rihanna fave type of colour is light green i think, i found it of the Internet yesterday.

rihanna like to go shopping and hang out with her friends and she loves being with the guyu that beats her 24/7

Rihanna likes to eat healthy stuff to keep her weight on topshe hands out with her friends and goes to party's with her boyfriend Chris brown

song writting


Why did rihanna name herself rihanna?

her name is robyn rihanna fenty she probably liked middle name.

1989, Billy Ray Cyrus was the one who suggested she used her middle name!

Rihanna is half African American due to her mother.

Rihanna is Barbadian. She was born in Saint Michael, Barbados.

  • Name: Rihanna
  • Birthdate: February 20, 1988
  • Birthplace: St. Michael, Barbados

Update: Everyone born in Barbados is born in St. Michael. There are only two hospitals currently in use on the island. Both in St. Michael. So... just say Barbados. Forget "St. Michael".

She is from Barbados

If you mean how did she become famous, that's easy. She formed a group with a few other girls in her school Comberemere High, and when at home in Barbados, she was introduced to famous director Evan Rodgers who was holidaying there with his wife, so he listened to her that night, and he knew she was a star, and only a few hours later, had sent for Jay Z and they were performing in front of him, but Jay Z said that Rihanna had what it takes, so signed her up to Def Jam at 2am. Hope this helps :)

Rihanna went to Charles F. Broome Memorial School, a primary school in Barbados. And then Combermere School, where she performed a musical trio.

Rhianna became famous when she was bout 16-19 yrs old.


When will what's my name by Rihanna come out?

It's already out. You can find it on Itunes or other online places and it will also be in stores.


Who is Rihanna currently dating?

Rihanna's love lifeAs of February 2011, there are now rumors that she is dating drummer Travis Barker. In 2010, Rihanna dated LA Dodgers Outfielder Matt Kemp. Prior to that, she dated Chris Brown.

See the related links below for more about Rihanna's boyfriends past and present.
it is unknown but she broke up from chris brown after he beat her up.


What does Rihanna's tattoo say on her finger?

On her middle finger it reads, "Love" and on her pointer finger it reads "Shh..."

Kanye West

Is rihanna related to Kanye West?



Does Rihanna have HIV?

No Rihanna doesnt
Actually yes, she contracted HIV when she was raped at 14, however she can afford the best medicine in the world and won't die from it.
yes and of course she does, after we ran the test she has full blown herpies and no chris brown don't have aids or hiv but he does have herpies it started because rihanna has we to the clinic to get tested and the mail went back to chris brown house and he read it and found out and he realized that he has it also because he has been having unpretected sex with her so that's what happened

yes and of course she does, after we ran the test she has full blown herpies and no chris brown don't have aids or hiv but he does have herpies it started because rihanna has we to the clinic to get tested and the mail went back to chris brown house and he read it and found out and he realized that he has it also because he has been having unpretected sex with her so that's what happened
Does it matter? But, no she isnt.
Rihanna never confirmed that she had HIV to begin with. If she did, and someone released that information without her consent, they would be in violation of the law. That means it was in all probability, yet another celebrity rumor.

Rhyming Words

What rhymes with Robyn?

Snobbin' ...?

Glee (TV Series)

When did glee make take a bow?

Rachel sang Take a Bow in the second episode of Glee


When did Rihanna leave Barbados?

When she was 16 years old.


Does rihanna deals with the devil?

If the devil is behind her success,I want to meet him too.

Her success is so great I guess you find it unbelievable.

the devil is trying to destroy her career they dual with lightsabers all time in fact im her padawan i must speack with council now may the force be with you


What year did rihanna graduate?


Parenting and Children

Is it better to grow up in a large family or a small family?

I'd say the answer to your question is going to be rather subjective.

I know people from large families who are quite happy with their circumstances and wouldn't trade their many siblings for anything. And I know people who are only children or who have only one sib who were content growing up that way.

On the other hand, I have a friend who is an only child. He'd have given anything to have had brothers and sisters.

I have several sisters myself and when I was growing up I almost hated them. I regularly wished I was an only child. Now, however, I cherish all of my sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews; step family, in-laws, etc.

You need to learn to appreciate what you have while you have time.

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But this is a pretty difficult question to answer, other key decisions are the population of the areas where you raise your children in compatibility with how many you have, the boy-girl factor... goes on forever I did my best

AnswerI was an only kid, and I personally loved it. I didn't have anyone I had to battle for my parents attention, and I learned at an early age how to entertain myself by reading and hobbies that you can do by yourself. I now am the single parent of an only child that is 13 years old. When I ask him if he ever wishes he had brothers and sisters, he says "No way!" I think only children tend to invest more in their friendships with other people. One pitfall as a parent of an only child I know I need to be aware of, is spoiling him. I want him to realize that just because he doesn't have anyone he has to share things with, doesn't mean that you don't have to work for what you get, and other life lessons that go along with being a multiple, that only children might not experience. AnswerIt's often said that the internal structures of small and large families tend to be different. In small families, the children *tend* to have more contact with adults than in large families. In the latter they usually have much more contact with some of their siblings. I've also heard it said that in really large families the kids tend to 'cluster' in two or more groups.


I feel that it isn't better either way. My parents have divorced, and my dad has a large family, with 6 children(including me, wiv my step and halfs) whereas I am a only child around my mums. Wiv a large fam, u learn how to share, but in sall family, yu havall the attention. Can't decide.

It all depends on where you live if you want to have a large family. For example if you lived in a typical suburban area where there a many families but they only have the average 2 or 3 children, if you lived there and were having 4 or more children, in some cases you might be considered as 'antisocial', even if the children were all well behaved. Children do play and sometimes are a bit naturally noisy. However, a large family of 5 or more children just simply playing would upset the neighbours as I say being 'antisocial'. I did read a letter elsewhere about a family of 8 children having this problem, but luckily they moved house to another area where there were many families with many children and and everything after that was OK.

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I have lost my father at the age of only four. No uncle or younger brother I had. So nobody helped us to face our problems. Whomever we asked for any help he showed us, kindness. But if we had a joint family somebody would help us. We have always faced the shortage of men. A joint family sometimes becomes irritating but teaches us to be generous also. Parents are the best teacher and family members as well. So take the advantage of a big family but just ignore the disadvantages accordingly.


What is Rihanna's real name?

Rihanna's real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Nicki Minaj

Is Nicki Minaj dating Tyga?


Chris Brown

What are all Rihannas hits?

SOS; Pon De Replay; Take a Bow; Disturbia; Umbrella; Hard; Rudeboy; We Ride; Run This Tow;

these are just ones that spring to mind there's probably more :)

Domestic Dogs

What color is Rihanna's dog?


English to Spanish

What is little rude boy in spanish?

niño mal portado

Kendall Schmidt

Who sang who's that chick?

Rihanna Ft. David Guetta


Who sings pon de replay?



Who performed with Rihanna at the Grammys?

Drake and Eminem performed with Rihanna at the Grammys.


What do Beyonce and Rihanna have in common?

I believe they get along with each other


Is Rihanna antichrist?

well do your own research Google... her actions are certainly questionable...


What is Rihanna's life story?

She was born. She became famous. Now she has really inappropriate songs!


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