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I have not seen any significant increase in the value of Eisenhower Dollars lately. In fact, the rarest date (the 1973-S silver proof) has been more on a decline in value.

As far as holding on to Ike dollars, you would probably be a lot better off selling them and buying key date coins in other series'.

Common coins will always be common coins.

Dan Moore The Working Man's Rare Coins

About 5 years ago I attended an auction where a large number of solid-date rolls of uncirculated Ikes were offered. They brought $22 a roll, or $1.10 per coin. After the auction house took a 20% commission, the seller received 88 cents for every dollar that was sold!

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Q: Are Eisenhower dollars increasing in value and if they are how much are they worth and should you hold on to them?
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