Are Greek gods and Rome gods the same?

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Yes, Greek gods are reinterpreted in Roman religion.
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Gods in rome?

The main God was Jupiter or Jupiter, the superb, the greatest, thesavior. (Latin: Ivppiter Optimvs Maximvs Soter) He was the God ofthe sky and thunder. Storms were said to be Jupiter wageing war inheaven. Mars was the God of war Pluto or Dis was the the God of the Underworld But remember that the ( Full Answer )

What was the Greek god Jupiter god of?

Zeus R oman counterpart!! god of the sky. Also known as Zeus, he was the king of gods, and the god of sky, weather, law, and fate

What Greek God is God of earthquakes?

Poseidon is the god of earthquakes and is known as the"Earth-Shaker." He is also the god of the sea and horses. He isknown in Roman mythology as Neptune. Although Poseidon is a brother of Zeus, his primary role wascontrolling the seas. It would seem that "on land" he would needhis senior brother's p ( Full Answer )

How greek gods became gods?

some of them were like just created but then again some of them are heros(not the halfbloods off of Percy Jackson and the Olympians) but like Jason they become gods for there sort of victory prize.

Who were the Greek gods and what were they the gods of?

This isn't all of them, but: Athena- goddess of wisdom Ares- god of war Zeus- god of the sky Poseidon- god of the ocean, horses, earth quakes Hades- god of the underworld Demeter- goddess of grain and wheat, agriculture Persephone- goddess of springtime Apollo- god of the sun Artemis ( Full Answer )

What are are the Greek gods and what were they god of?

There are lots of Greek gods. I will name the main gods andgoddesses, called the Olympians. Aphrodite- love and beauty Apollo- sun, medicine, music, poetry, dance, math, herdsmen, andprophecy Ares- war Artemis- moon and hunting Athena- wisdom and battle strategies Demeter- agriculture Dionysus- wine ( Full Answer )

What was the Greek god Jason god of?

Jason was not a god. He was a hero, famous for being the leader of the Argonauts in the quest for the golden fleece.

What was greek god archilles god of?

he isn't a god. he was supposed to be a half god but he was 98.99 % god and 2.11% human. his mom was a goddess and tried to burn away his mortal half but his father saw her doing this and told her to never do it again. she burned away every mortal part but the heel of his left foot. he was a greek w ( Full Answer )

Are the Roman Gods and Greek gods the same?

Kind of. For every Greek god there is a Roman god but not the other way around there is no Greek god for Janus. Examples: Zues-Jupita, Ares-Mars Hera-Juno, Hestia-Vesta, Heaphestus-Vulcan. Even Greek titans have Roman counter parts examples: Uranus-Ouranus, Kronos-Saturn. Now the Roman counter pa ( Full Answer )

Why did the Romans use the same Greek gods?

They aren't EXACTLY identical but there are similarities. This is to be expected when the cultures grew up within such close proximity, where the experience of day to day life was virtually identical. Long before Greek civilization really came to prominence, the Mediterranean region was an amalgamat ( Full Answer )

What greek god is god of geology?

Probably Pan of course because Pan was the god of geology because rocks are connected to wilderness.

Did Greeks worship gods the same way we do?

Hymns were sung and prayers were said, often in front of the image of a god. If a god answered one's prayers, one would often make a votive offering to the temple as a token of thanks. But pagan worship was much broader than modern Abrahamic worship. Libations were made at feasts by pouring a few d ( Full Answer )

Do Rome and Greece have the same gods?

kinda sorta. the names of the gods were different, but they basically covered the same things. the different cultures adopted different gods from different cultures. maybe you social studies teacher will be able to answer this more satisfactorily.

Why did the Romans have the same amount of gods as the Greeks?

Because the Romans took the Greek gods but actually, the Romans had quite a few more gods than the Greeks. At first, the Romans found similarities between the major gods and the number of gods was about the same. However as the Roman empire expanded, they assimilated other cultures' gods into their ( Full Answer )

What are the greek gods and what are there god of?

there are more than can be listed but the most common are: Zues: ruler of gods, god of the sky, Poseidon: god of the ocean/sea, he also created horses and causes earthquakes Hades: god of the underworld, said to put precious gems in the earth Athena: goddess of wisdom and arts Aphrodit ( Full Answer )

Is Cronos a Greek or Rome god?

Cronus or Kronos not Cronos was the Greek Titan not God of Harvest, and Time, he was also the King of the Titans.The correct term for Cronus's Roman Counterpart is Saturn.

What were the greek god Orpheus god of?

orpheus is not a god is is the son of calliope muse of heroic poetry he loved a girl named eurydice and she steped on a snake and died. orpheus was a wonderful lyre player so he went to hades and played for him and hades let him have eurydice back on 1 condition ... that orpheus cant look at eurydic ( Full Answer )

How do Greek gods viewed their gods?

I don't think Greek gods had gods, but if you mean toward each other as gods well, from myths and stuff like that, they tended to fight a lot and sometimes hated each other.

What is the greek god Dahne god of?

In Greek mythology, Daphne was a nymph who was turned into a laurel tree while attempting to escape the advances of the god Apollo. so, she wasn't really a greek god, but only a nymph.

What is the Greek god Minos the god of?

He wasn't a god he was the king of crete I'm not totally sure but his name may have to do with the prefix in the word Minotaur, the beast that lived in the gigantic maze (labyrinth) he had built under his palace

What Greek god is god of search?

OK, if I remember correctly, you have: Zeus, Posiedon, Hades, Ares, Athena, Hermes, Apollo, Aphrodite, Artemis, Demeter, Dionysus, Eros, Hephaestus, Hera, Hestia. Its one of those...

What Egyptian gods have the same powers than Greek gods?

They are a different belief system, so differing powers, the Antoninus Liberalis said that when the Greek gods fled for Egypt, Apollon became a hawk [Horus], Hermes an ibis [Thoth], Ares became a fish, the lepidotus [Lepidotus or Onuris], Artemis a cat [Neith or Bastet], Dionysos took the shape of a ( Full Answer )

What was the Greek god Adonis the god of?

Adonis was not a god, he was a man who was admired by Aphrodite and Persephone. Since they kept fighting over him Zeus said that Adonis will spend four months with Aphrodite and four months with Persephone. The other four months he could choose to spend them with Aprodite or Persephone. He usually c ( Full Answer )

How did the Greek gods become gods?

They are Gods because they were born to divine parents. They always were Gods, or some became Gods through the process of apotheōsis (most notably the Hero Hēraklēs).

What is the greek god leto god of?

Leto is not a goddess in the traditional sense, though she was divine in nature. Her parents were Titans. She had no specific role or function in mythology aside from being the mother of Apollo and Artemis.

What Greek god is the god of gods?

There isn't really one, but Zeus is the king of the gods, the chief of the gods. So I guess you could could say he is the god of the gods, even though he really isn't.

Who are the gods in rome?

The same one in Greece but with different names. A few gods: Anthena- Minerva Ares- Mars Poseidon- Neptune

What are the names of Greek gods and what are they gods of?

Zeus - god of Sky and the King of gods. Hera - Zeus's wife and the Queen of gods. Aphrodite - goddess of love and beauty. Hephaestus - god of fire and forges. Ares - god of War. Athena - goddess of knowledge, wisdom, and war strategy. Poseidon - god of the sea, horses, and earthquakes. ( Full Answer )

Where roman god after greek gods?

Yes they were named after Greek gods. They are the same gods same power but different names. The most important gods are named after planets

What were greek gods know as in rome?

The Romans adopted Greek culture, so Rome pretty much had the same gods and goddesses but with slightly different qualities and different names. A few examples: Zeus - Julpiter or Jove Hera - Juno Apollo - Apollo Artemis - Diana Athena - Minerva Ares - Mars Apthrodite - Venus Hephae ( Full Answer )

Who were the meanest gods of the greek gods?

Aropos was the meanest. She (yes she's got avery male name, but she is female) was one of the Fates. There werethree fates really. And her task was to cut off somebodies "threadof life" and sent there umbras to Hades. Her younger sister Lachesis is about equally evil. She measures the"thread of li ( Full Answer )

Is a Greek god servant a god?

Yes but not a very powerfull god. They have some powers but are not respected as their master. This is just a myth. They mostly use their powers to help respect their master but can be used for personal assistance.

What is the greek gods god of?

Zues . God of the sky Symbols: . Thunderbolt . Eagle . Hades . God of the Underworld Sumbols: . Cerberus . The Helm of Darkness . Poseidon . God of the sea Symbols: . Trident . Dolphins . Horses . Sorry I only did the Big Three. I did my best.

What was the greek god Persephone the god of?

Persephone wasn't specifically the goddess of anything. She was the personification of vegetation and came to represent the passing of the seasons, but she wasn't venerated in that regard, her mother Demeter was. When she was worshiped, it was usually alongside her mother.