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Are Indoor dryer vents safe?


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Safe is a relative word. Crossing the street can be safe, depending on whether or not a car is coming. Likewise, venting a dryer indoors will increase moisture levels as well as introduce dust/lint into the air- which can't be benficial to a child with asthma. However, venting indoors will not kill you immediately. Like anything, repeated exposure could cause potential health hazards and mold in your home.


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My clothes dryer is playing up and I think it may be the vents. Where can I find a company that provide dryer vent cleaning services?

Clothes dryer vents should be cleaned at least once a year, and more often if there are signs of blockage.Some signs of blockage are:Clothing takes longer to dryIncreased humidity in the laundry roomwhen the dryer is running, there is not enough air flow to the air vent outsidethere is visible dust clogging the outside vent.Lint blockages in dryer vents are a significant home fire risk.

Replacement dryer vents are usually sold at department and home repair stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, and others. They can also be purchased from online hardware stores, and larger purveyors like Amazon.

Yes, kerosene heaters are safe for indoor use, such as the Mr. Heater F215100 Portable Buddy Series, which is certified for indoor operation.

NO, just duct it into the soffit. you can also get the indoor kit that is made for a dryer, but at some point you should install a vent to the outside,there are tons of vents.

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Yes it is ,there is nothing in a dryer that woud be affected by orientation.

Make sure none get into the vents, and use plastic safe paint.

The LintEater vent cleaner will help with cleaning out your vents, although you'll still have to periodically clean it out so your dryer doesn't overheat.

It would be best not to. Dryer lint is full of chemicals and soap, it just would not be safe.

Any space heater with tip-over protection will be good and safe for indoor use.

Too little information given to answer this question. The number of vents is determined by the duct sizing and the indoor unit fan capacity. There are several other factors that determine the number of vents that a system can handle.

No, not in any safe and rationale way.

Halogen lights are safe for indoor use but it is required that they be in a glass shield. They omit more UV rays then your standard light bulb so you need to be protected.

Not if it's blocking the vents. I just wouldn't!

A dryer is used to dry clothes. The spinning drum is used to break up the clothes that are wet, so it makes them dry faster! There is also heat vents inside of the drum to speed up the drying process.

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