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they never dated.

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Who is Jim Carrey married to?

Jim Carrey was married to Lauren Holly and Melissa Womer.

Who has Jim Carrey married?

2 people

Who has Jim Carrey been married to?

His wife

Is Jim Carrey married to Jenna Mcarthy?

No he is married to Lauren Holly

Is Mariah Carey married to Jim Carrey?

No, she is married to Nick Cannon

Has Jim Carrey been married?

Yes, twice.

When was Jim carrey and Lauren holly married?


Does Jim carrey get the girl in dumb and dumber?

no shes married

How many times did Jim Carrey get married?

2 times

Is Jim Carrey married?

yes to Lauren holly but used to be married to Melissa womer

Is Jenny McCarthy married?

No she just broke up with Jim Carrey.

Was Jim carrey in footloose?

is jim carrey in footloose

What is Jim carrey address?

72 Jim carrey avenue

What are facts about Jim carrey?

jim carrey was homeless when he was young.

Does Jim Carrey have a wife now?

No. He and Jenny McCarthy are still a couple, but not married.

Was Jim Carrey an A student?

yes Jim carrey was a student in collage

Does Jim Carrey have any pets?

Jim Carrey has a great dane

Does Jim Carey have any brothers?

Jim Carrey does have a brother. His name is John Carrey. Jim Carry also has two sisters named Rita Carrey, and Patricia Carrey Fornier.

Jim Carrey married Lauren Holly after starring with the actress in which film?

Dumb And Dumber

Is jenny McCarthy currently married?

No. she is dating Jim Carrey though.

Did Jim Carrey have a wife?

"No." Is incorrect, simply the fact is that Jim Carrey has been married, and to a woman. Actually make that women. He was married to two, at separate times of course. Here it is: 1996 - 1997 Lauren Holly. 1987-1995 Melissa Womer - one child, Jane Carrey, born 1987.

Where was Jim Carrey born?

Jim Carrey was born in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

Did Jim Carrey die?

No, as of March 2011, Jim Carrey is still alive.

When was Jim Carrey born?

Jim Carrey was born on January 17, 1962.

Is Jim Carrey a girl?

Jim carrey is not a girl and all of you probably know that