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Are Justine bieber is single?


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2011-09-12 14:22:30
2011-09-12 14:22:30

Yeah Justin Bieber is single :D


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Justin Bieber is from Stratford Ontario in Canada.

justin bieber has never been married

Well....If you're talking about Justine Bieber, there is a much better way:'Ugly-Mug Bieber' LOL!! :D

Justine Beiber didnt date Miley Cyrus, but if it's supposed to be Justin Bieber, he didn't either.

I think you mean Justin Bieber and his a male pop star.

Justin Bieber was born in Stratford, Canada in March 1,1994

he studies in United States

Justin Bieber has a 3 year old step-sister named Jazmyn Bieber.

I do have Justin bieber on msn i was on cam with him the other night!! xoxoxox

Justin bieber has a sister, her names jazmyne :D

yes Justine Bieber does go to Walmart and jcp

Only Justine Bieber can answer that. (Who said he is a cheater?) Don't believe everything you hear. There are always two sides to every accusation. Or did you mean to say. What did Justine Bieber do that makes people think he is a cheater?

Stratford ontario! IN canada! :D

no not really only like a sister and his name is JUSTIN Bieber

2007. he was discovered on youtube.

yes he know all about srilanka

Justine bieber favorite colour is blue

Noooooooooo justin bieber is not a dad all you might have heard are rumours and rumours only.

JUSTIN Bieber is managed by an American called Scott Braun. He is known to people as "Scooter"

NO, justin bieber did not get selena gomez pregnant. Its a false rumor

No the guy that was in Minutemen was Luke Benward. Had Justine Bieber been in that movie I wouldn't have watched it.

yes obviously because their dating?....

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