Are Kings Henry VIII and George III related?

King Henry VIII and King George III were in different dynasty and different time. George dynasty came from Germany, but King Henry VIII was the son of King Henry VII of England, previously known as Henry Tudor.

King George III was however descended from King Henry VII. The current Queen Elizabeth II is descended from King William I in 1066, and there are claims that she is descended further back, from King Edgar in the 10th Century.

George III was in fact descended from Henry VII the father of Henry VIII through his daughter Margaret

George III, King of the United Kingdom and Hanover

Frederick, Prince of Wales (his father)

George II (his father) King of the United Kingdom and Hanover

George I (his father) King of the United Kingdom and Elector of Hanover

Sophia (his mother) Electress of Hanover

Elizabeth (her mother) Electress Palatine and Queen of Bohemia

James I/VI (her father) King of Scotland and England & Ireland

Mary (his mother) Queen of Scots

James V (her father) King of Scots

Margaret Tudor (his mother) Queen of Scots

Henry VII (her father and father of Henry VIII) King of England and Ireland