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Versions of the M60 are being used in Israel, Turkey, and Egypt.

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Q: Are M60 tanks still in military service?
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How many type of military tanks does the US have?

As far as actual tanks go, two are currently fielded - the M1 Abrams and a very limited number of the M8 Buford. There are still M60 tanks in reserve stock.

Did M60 Main Battle Tanks fight in the Vietnam War?

Yes , the venerable M60 Patton tank was present in a number of enemy engagements during the Vietnam conflict .

Is the .30 cal machine gun still in service?

Not in the US the Browning 1919 was replaced by the M60 in the 1960's Modified to modern cartridges some countries still have them in their arsenals

What are the 3 specfic types of military aircrafts of tanks?

Prior to 1950, the US Army classified it's armor (tanks) by weight; Heavy, Medium, and Light tanks. From 1950 up until 1960, the Army reclassified tanks according to their gun size; 120mm Heavy Gun, 90mm Medium Gun, and 76mm Light Gun Tanks. From 1960 to the present, beginning with the M60 'Combat' series tank, the US Army classifies it's tanks as Main Battle Tanks (MBT's).

What are tanks called.Is it armor?

There's a few different types of armour used on tanks. Older tanks still in service (such as the M48, M60, Centurion, Chieftain, T54/T55, T62, T72, etc.) tend to used rolled homogeneous steel armour, while more modern tanks may be prone to using composite armour (such as Chobham armour), which may include mixtures of metals and ceramics. Additionally, Explosive Reactive Armour may be applied to the outside of tanks - this is an explosive designed to detonate when a warhead impacts it, and counteracts the effects of the warhead.

What are all of the serviced main battle tanks of World War 2?

The simple answer is there were no MBTs (Main Battle Tanks) used in WWII. The Main Battle Tank was a concept that developed during the could as Armored technology evolved to a point that Medium Tanks could mount guns able to effectively penetrate any practical armor at long range. This made the concept of a Heavy Tank, heavily armored, armed, but slow, obsolete as now tanks smaller, faster, and more maneuverable could take them down with relative easy. In many regards the first Main Battle Tank was the British Centurion, which was developed in 1945 and variants of which are still in service today, but it never saw combat service in the Second World War. The first Soviet MBT was the T-64, as it's predecessors were all designed and classified as Medium Tanks. The First American MBT was the M60, unofficially known as the M60 Patton, though I do remember hearing somewhere that designating the M60 as an MBT was done more as a publicity stunt than anything else and it was effectively just a Medium Tank, however I have no sources for this.

What has the author R P Hunnicutt written?

R. P. Hunnicutt has written: 'Firepower' -- subject(s): Tanks (Military science), History 'Patton' -- subject(s): M46 (Tank), M48 (Tank), M60 (Tank) 'Pershing' -- subject(s): M26 (Tank)

What is the US's main battle tank in World War 2?

The term "MBT" (Main Battle Tank) for the US didn't come into service until the fielding of the M60 Combat Tank in 1960. The US Army was going to actually title the M60 tank as the MBT, but the paper work was already processed for it's name, the "Combat Tank, M60, Full Tracked." So that name stuck. But in 1960, the M60 actually became the US Army's FIRST Main Battle Tank. Prior to 1960, US tank's were classified as Heavy Gun Tanks (120mm), Medium Gun Tanks (90mm), and Light Gun Tanks (76mm). Prior to 1950, US tank's were classified as Heavy, Medium, and Light tanks (by weight). This now puts you into WWII, and the answer to your question. The primary battle tank for the US in WWII was the medium Sherman M4 tank which had a 76mm gun. The Korean War was the M46 Patton medium tank (a modified M26 Pershing tank). The M47 Patton medium gun tank NEVER saw action with US forces. The Vietnam War was the M48 Patton medium gun tank. This was the LAST of the Patton series tanks.

I need MN form M60 - where can I find it ?

where can I find Minnesota form M60?

Where can you download for free the Toshiba M60 service manual?

Would the following site be of help?

What size cannons did the Patton tanks have in Vietnam?

As far as I know it was a 90mm. After the war some countries uprgaded their M48 Pattons to a 105mm, and the US replaced theirs with the M60 Patton with a 105mm.

How can you take M60 in GTA Vice City?

There is not any cheat about m60.There are three road to take m60 1-) You can find A m60 at the Army Base near the airport 2-) If you complete Malibu and Phil Cassidy's missions,you can buy M60 at the Phil's Place if you have enough money 3-) In Pnohm Penh 86 missions after you complete the missions,Diaz give M60 for you,you can hide it to use later A thanks is enough for me .....:)

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