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Are Mp3 websites such as mp3fusion dot net and airmp3 dot net legal websites?


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2011-03-04 14:02:56
2011-03-04 14:02:56

Yes, they are free if you use them for just downloads. If you use them to sell for money then it's illegal because they are free websites.

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MP3's can be dowloaded from a range of places online. Some websites that offer free MP3 downloads include: MP3, MP3lemon, stars21, MP3skull and airMP3.

You can download free music from beemp3 and airmp3. you can even use a youtube to mp3 website to change music videos songs you can play on your ipod

There are a few free legal download websites for mp3 as well as video now thanks to advertising revenue. Be cautious when using a free download site as some files could have viruses in them.

There are multiple websites that offer you free, legal mp3 music. The most recommended websites are 'Epitonic', 'Free Music Archive', 'NME' and '7Digital'.

Yes. The responsibility lies in the uploader, not the downloader. This is a crucial fact in understand the legal laws surrounding the downloading of Mp3's.

you can download music from soubory or airmp3 then drag it from a folder to the mp3 player which appears like a USB .

There is no "legal" place to download free music. Its illigeal, yet websites are still up. But and the Youtube to Mp3 site is good

There are a number of websites where one can download free MP3 songs. These sites include and the MP3 websites. Occasionally bands will release songs or albums free on their websites.

Yes it is legal its your MP3 how else do you get song on it. is a good site. They don't have every single mp3, but they have a some, and, it is your best bet to get songs without limewire.

Try or they are good mp3 sites ther not torrents and there free you dont have to sign up! also try

The only way you're gonna get legal music on the internet is if you pay for it. If you are willing to do that, there are many websites:,,, iTunes.

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There are numerous websites to legally download MP3 tracks for free, including iLike, Altsounds, Legaltorrents, Stereogum, SXSW, Unsigned Band Web, Soundclick's Music Page, and Honc.

There are a number of websites where MP3's can be downloaded for free. These include Free MP3 Like, MP3 Skull, Last and Another option is the visit the websites of favorites bands as sometimes there are free downloads there as well.

One can find free MP3 music downloads in upload and download provider websites online. Also, there are websites that provide free MP3 music download such as Napster.

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One can download a free MP3 Cutter on various websites like CNET and FileHippo. Both websites offer a great amount of free downloads, including a free MP3 Cutter.

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