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French call that just fries. You can eat some in Paris but parisians are not specially famous for them.

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Q: Are Paris people famous for their french fries?
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Do they have French fries in Paris?

Yes; French fries are everywhere.

What are some of the meals people eat in Paris?

French Fries, and lots of stuff that you can find out on other websites!

When were french fries invented?

French fries were invented in 1789 in Paris. They were invented by a street vendor. It is also believed to have been invented by the Belgians.

Do French people make French fries?

Yes. French fries are a favorite especially for children. They are called 'frites' in French.

How many pounds of french fries to feed 35 people?

French FriesHow many pounds of french fries to feed 35 people

What do people in France call french fries?

French fries are called les frites which is plural and feminine in French.

Who brought french fries to the us?

French People

What do french people eat with their fries?

Well... french fries despite their name of "French" fries, are not actually eaten in france that much. I would say ketchup. And the French word for fries (yes they just call it fries) is frites. :D

What kind of food do they serve in Paris?

They eat Spagetii , Pasta, french fries and pizza.

What are the famous food in Belgium?

Belgium is the original producer of "french" fries, not the french. The Americans called it french fries because of the people making and eating the fries during world war one, spoke french, but they are from belgium. Belgium is also famous for making brussels sprouts, chocolate (most importantly pralines), witloof(sorry don't know the English), belgian waffles, etc...

How many pounds of french fries do you need for 150 people?

A standard serving of French fries is 4 ounces. To feed 150 French fries as an appetizer you would need 37.5 pound of potato or French fries.

Name some French breakfast?

French toast, french fries, french dressing, and french animals and people! "French" fries actually came from belguim

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