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in some countries.

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Are puppy mills legal in Colorado?

Puppy mills require licensing in Colorado. For more info, go to the related link below.

Are puppy mills legal in Massachusetts?

yes. the answer is sadly yes

Are there puppy mills in Colorado?

Yes there are puppy mills in Colorado, puppy mills are a problem everywhere, however because puppy mills are illegal it is difficult to give an exact number of puppy mills in any state.

How many puppy mills are there in the world?

there are an estimated 4,000 puppy mills in the U.S.

Which state has the most puppy mills?

Missouri is the state with the most puppy mills.

Are there any puppy mills here in Utah?

sadly, puppy mills are everywhere .

Should people forbid puppy mills?

Yes, puppy mills should be forbidden

Is buying puppies from puppy mills legal?

No it isn't take it from me I've had more than 5 dogs.

How many dogs do puppy mills make a year?

Puppy mills make about 400000 litters a

How crowded are puppy mills?

Puppy mills are extremely crowded. The dogs and puppies are stuffed in cages.

How large are puppy mills?

puppy mills produce half a million puppies per year. they are not to big because most dogs in puppy mills die because of cramped spaces.

Do dogs from puppy mills and breeders are abused?

Only from puppy mills. But maybe breeders can. There are mean people out their.

How many puppy mills are in th US?

Many people say they are a breeding kennel, but they are really a puppy mill. Almost all pet stores are puppy mills. There are probably over 7,000 puppy mills in just the US.

Where are puppy mills in Maryland?

Puppy Mills do not advertise online or in newspapers. The only puppy mill reviewed online is Just Puppies in Rockville, MD.

Is there anything good in puppy mills?

No, there is not one good thing about puppy mills no dog OR puppy should have to go though that it is just plane sad.

Where did Puppy Mills start?

Many people think puppy mills started somewhere in Wales, but are still unsure

How many puppy mills are there in the whole world?

At least 8,546 puppy mills are in existence all over the world

What stores in Md get puppies from puppy mills?

Most chain-pet stores that sell puppies get their dogs from puppy mills. Many petstores (excluding animal shelters, of course) get their dogs from puppy mills.

Do puppy mills get food?

puppy mills need to get food so they can take there last bite i feel sad for the puppies

Are puppy mills ilegal?


What about puppy mills?

They should be illegal.

How many dogs are born in puppy mills?

no one can tell how many puppies or in puppy mills you have to go to an expert to find tht answer

Why should they ban puppy mills?

It could save lives of animals. Many animals die because of puppy mills and abuse.

How many dogs are killed by puppy mills?

Millions of dogs are killed in puppy mills each year all around the world :(

Why are there puppy mills?

There are puppy mills because people want to get rich in profit. There are puppy mills because gutless laws and governments that don't protect the defenseless group of our society, animals. It is our fault, all of us for doing nothing about it.

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