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Yes, most tennis shoes are good for volleyball.

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Q: Are Reebok's good tennis shoes for volleyball?
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Are men's trainers good for treadmills?

Make sure they fit good and are comfortable but any tennis shoe will work. The best ones are possibly going to be Nike, Reeboks and Asics Gel Treadmill shoes.

Would it be a good idea to wear basketball shoes to play volleyball?

yes it would be a good idea because it also has grip like volleyball shoes

What equipment do you need to play high school volleyball?

You need Knee pads, Good tennis shoes(look for court shoes, they are better than running shoes) and Knee high socks. you can find all of this at a sporting goods store. Also some schools require you to have your own volleyball, but you have to check with the coach or school sports director.

Is it good to jog in shape up shoes?

yes in any kind of tennis shoes

What shoes do tennis players use?

shoes wiv good ankle support and soft cusioning

What clothes should you wear in volleyball?

What I wear is a comfy t-shirt, soccer or sofee shorts, knee-pads, and fairly new not worn out of the house tennis shoes (you want to have good traction).

What are the best type of shoes to wear when you are jogging?

The best type of shoes to wear when you are jogging is tennis shoes. Tennis shoes have cushions under your feet so your feet doesn't get pressure, which is a good thing.

Is outlet tennis shoes a good place to get tennis shows?

It would be a great idea to shop Outlet tennis, they have a wide variety of tennis shoes. With the great selection, you are sure to find the pair right for you style!

What shoes do you wear when running on the track?

tennis shoes, sneakers, basically just shoes with good foot support *Candycat*

Can Muslims wear tennis shoes?

As long as the shoes aren't made of pork, it's all good.

What is the difference of volley ball shoes and sneackers?

volleyball shoes usually have more friction on them so you don't slide but there are good sneakers with good friction out there.

best shoes to play tennis with?

Head Prestige Pro sells tennis shoes for both men and women. Reviews for the shoes have been great, commenting that the shoes are comfortable, have good arch support, and toe durability.

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