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Yes, some Slim Fast coupons are good for their shakes. It depends what the coupon says specifically.

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Q: Are Slim Fast coupons good for their shakes?
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Does the slim fast diet offer chocolate shakes still?

Yes, Slim Fast still offer chocolate shakes on their meal replacement plans. They also offer lower sugar option shakes too. They taste pretty good when you freeze them.

What are the flavors of Slim Fast diet shakes?

Weight Watchers slim fast shakes come in a couple of different flavors. The flavors are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and cappocino. There flavors all taste really good.

Is Slim Fast diet plan a healthy way to loose weight?

Slim fast can be a good way to lose weight but you really have to stick to it. If you have one of their meal replacement shakes and then have regular food you will totally defeat the point. Slim fast does cover your nutritional needs though if you follow it.

Is slim fast good for athletes?

if i drink slim fast to loose fat will i loose my muscle to

Is slim fast a good item for diabetes?


What is a good resource online to find fast food coupons?

Good resources online to find coupons for fast food include the coupons website. The individual fast food restaurant chains likely have specials posted as coupons on their websites as well, depending on which chain one is looking for.

Slim fast good or bad?

It's bad!

Where can I get good fast food coupons?

You can find good fast food coupons on many websites. Sometimes you can go directly to the companies websites and they offer coupons there. KFC and McDonalds are some of the ones that offer coupons. You can also find them at third party coupon websites such as Mahalo.

How good is slim fast?

It's NOT. Go to Weight Watchers.

Is Slim Fast a good diet?

NO! Weight Watchers is better.

Are slim fast Optima basrs good during pregnancy?


How fast should you drink a slim fast?

I wouldn't drink it at all, because it's NOT good for you.

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