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Generally state and federal agencies do not accept blind resumes. They have to have a job posted before they'll accept a resume from you. Do a search online for state jobs in your state. They usually have pretty good online job posting sites.

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Q: Are State departments good places to submit a resume?
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What state jobs are available?

When looking for state jobs, the best resource is the USAJOBS website. Here you will find which jobs are currently available, and where to submit a resume for consideration.

How do you say on the resume that you have a separate list of references?

You simply state at the bottom..."References available upon request" Or don't say it at all, and just submit your 2 pages.

What departments are available in the Sacramento State University?

There are numerous departments in the California State University, Sacramento. Several of the departments are: Geology, Chemistry, Foreign Languages and many other departments.

What three Cabinet departments were established in 1789?

The Departments of State, Treasury, and War.

What were the original three departments of government?

The Departments of STATE, WAR, and TREASURY. Today there are 15 Departments plus other Cabinet Level Departments, i.e. EPA.

Which four executive departments were established after the Revolution?

The first four executive departments were the Departments of State, War, Treasury and the Attorney General.

What are some Examples of executive departments?

Departments of State, War, and the Treasury are some examples.

What were the new executive departments-?

The three new executive departments were ; State, Treasury and War.

How many state departments within the state of California?


Would you state on your resume that you had a college degree?

Absolutely! A resume' needs to show your educational and employment history. There are great websites to teach you how to write a resume'.

Are all states dmv departments connected?

No, not all states DMV departments are connected. However, all DMV departments in the same state are connected.

What three cabinet departments were created by the first congress?

There were three cabinet departments that were created by the First Congress. These departments included the Department of War, the Department of Treasury, and the Department of State. These departments were created in 1789.

What is a good objective for a resume?

A good objective for your resume is your career objective. State the position that you are qualified for and looking for as your objective.

What jobs with the State of Colorado are current available?

If you are looking to work for the State of Colorado first you need a resume. Then go to the State of Colorado website and look for the careers section. You can upload your resume to apply for jobs there.

How do you apply for State of Alaska jobs?

If you want to work for the State of Alaska you should first have a good resume. Then you need to go to the state website and find the jobs area. You can apply online or upload your resume.

What three departments did the first Congress set up under the Executive branch?

The departments of War, Treasury, and State.

How does Washington have several State Departments?

Washington has several "State Departments" because the job is too big for any one person and most of the agencies owe no political or bureaucratic loyalty to the secretary of state.

How many health departments in the state of kentucky?


What are the first five cabinet departments established?

Departments of State, Treasury, and War and the offices of Attorney General and Postmaster General.

How can I get a job working for the state of Pennsylvania?

If you are interested in working for the State of Pennsylvania you should first have a resume to upload to the website. GO to the states website and look for openings and apply by upload your resume.

What is the capital state of El Salvador?

San Salvador they don't have state's they are called departments.

How do you resgster your gun in wash-state?

Check with your Washington state local police departments for answer.

Basic objective for resume?

The basic objective for a resume should be very short and to the point. It should state what type of job you are looking for.

What term is used by health departments and State Board to indicate cleanliness of implements and equipment?

the term that is used by health departments and state boards to indicates cleanliness of implements and equipments is

What are the four inner cabinet departments?

The four inner cabinet departments are the Department of the Attorney General, the Department of the Treasury, the Department of Defense, and the Department of State. These departments are collectively known as the Big Four.

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