Are There Alien Abductions?

Yes, there are.

To get your sim abducted, have him or her use the telescope at night for several hours. This works in some neighborhoods better than others. For example, it's relatively easy to get a sim abducted in the neighborhood Strange Town. You'll notice when your sim is taken - your sim will be taken away by a flying saucer! While your sim is gone, you can monitor their mood, and you'll notice severe mood and motive changes. Several hours to a day or so later your sim will be returned in relatively the same condition.

You should also know - male sims sometimes have alien children after abduction, female sims never do.

The higher the telescope is off the ground (e.g. third floor roof beats the ground) the more likely abduction is.

Also, the more expensive telescope makes abduction more likely.

It doesn't always work right away, sometimes you have to try several times. Good luck!

WAIT! Im sure were going to find out if aliens are real in the future to stop abduction.