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no they are not. nelson fraizer jr is viscera and wieghs 500 pounds and booyeyman is Marty wright and wieghs 230 pounds

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Q: Are Viscera and the Boogeyman the same wrestlers?
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List of dead wrestlers?

Some wrestlers who have died are Andre the Giant, Viscera, and Randy Savage. Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit are also deceased.

Who is the best wrestler out of the boogeyman goldust abyss Randy Orton and Kevin Nash?

i am a HUGE fan of wwe and my favorite wrestlers are Jeff hardy and Ashley. in my opinion out of of these wrestlers the best are goldust and randy Orton

Is the boogeyman a she?

Paul white is the boogeyman. But, seriously....boogeyMAN.

Is boogeyman the father of mini boogeyman?

No. Mini-Boogeyman was a midget.

Is the boogeyman and little boogeyman related?


Is Vicsera actually Big Daddy V?

Big Daddy V and Viscera are the same person. Viscera no longer exists. Say Hello! to Big Daddy V!

Who Sings Boogeyman's theme song?

the boogeyman.

What is thecollective namefor the contentsof our ventralcavity?

the viscera

Are mabel viscera and big daddy v the same person?

Yes Check Wikipedia

What is Boogeyman's nationality?

The Boogeyman's does not have a specific nationality as he is from The Bottomless Pit.Marty Wright who portrays The Boogeyman in WWE is from Phoenix, Arizona.

What is the collective name for the contents of our ventral cavity?

the viscera

When was Return of the Boogeyman created?

Return of the Boogeyman was created in 1994.