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Are W H Davenport shotguns with 11 Aug 1896 patents made with Damascus steel?


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Could be. Take it to a gunsmith to find out for sure.

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DO NOT FIRE WITH MODERN AMMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST be checked out by a gunsmith.

no . riverside was mainly produced after 1914, using fluid steel barrels.

If you are asking about a Smith and Weson handgun in .40s&w caliber,then no these firearms do not have a damascus,or twist steel barrel.This type of barrel was only found on shotguns made from the time period of 1880-1910.

Does it read "kec" or "ked"? The Remington web site indicates 4 grades of Remington model 1900 double barrel shotguns ( Grades Offered: K - Remington steel barrelsKE - Remington steel, auto ejectorsKD - 2 stripe Damascus barrelsKED - 2 strip Damascus, auto ejectors

A damascus finish would be a finish that replicates the look of damascus steel.

Various types of steel is in modern damascus such as O1,1084, etc forge welded together.

Damascus Steel - album - was created on 2005-10-31.

these were mainly produced by Crescent arms in new york and were made between 1902 and 1918 genuine armory steel refers to the barrel not being made of damascus they were inexpensive feild grade shotguns and are still usable with light loads

A damascus barrel is a barrel made of damascus steel, which is steel produced by hammering two different steels together. The twist refers to the pieces of steel being twisted while they are hammered, which produces the distinctive pattern on the steel.

NO. Early shotguns have softer steel barrels, and are not rated for steel shot. It will damage the choke of the shotgun.

Damascus is a type of steel used usually of older firearms and tools

No. Original damascus was made in a attempt to make steel more homogeneous as steel used to be difficult to obtain. Modern damascus is done for cosmetic purposes and has no advantage over modern manufactured steels besides value.

Acier Cockerill is not the gun manufacturer, but the maker of the steel in the barrels. It means the gun has fluid steel barrels and not damascus steel. It probably dates from no earlier than late 1890's through 1940. Cockerill Sambre is the major Belgian steel maker (equivalent to Krupp or Vickers)

Yes, steel can be folded. This is a common practice in the production of "damascus" or pattern welded steel.

Crown shotguns were manufactured in Belgium. I have read that some of them had Damascus steel barrels, so DO NOT fire modern shotgun ammunition in it.

I might be way off here but I guess you are talking about in relation to Damascus Steel? This is a form of steel made in Persia and north India and traded westwards. It was most often bought by Europeans in Damascus in modern day Syria so the name comes from there. Damascus Brass by extension would be super pure strong brass from Damascus. In short there isn't such a thing as "Damascus brass" in the same way as Steel. However Brass objects made in such a way as to mimic the "watered" appearance of Damascus Steel might be named as such or indeed anything made in Syria of brass could be called such. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I concur.

Most of these guns were made with compressed steel which is similar to Damascus. The enterprise shotguns were Belgium. In good usable condition this should be worth about $150.00 to 250 USD.

We may presume that the first encounter of the Europeans with the damascus steel was during the crusades where christians and Muslims faught for the control of the Holy Land.

No as it is unable to be forge welded.

damascus steel and mokume-gane probably

Belgium is the country of origin, not a brand. Innumerable old damascus barreled shotguns were made in Belgium and imported into the US before and after the turn of the century. These were generally low cost shotguns, of no current collector value (better guns identify the manufacturer). If the Damascus pattern is pretty, and the receiver still has case colors, it may have some value as a wall hanger. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIRE IT! Damascus steel cannot withstand the pressures of modern smokeless powder. Even black powder should not be used unless the gun is fully examined by a very competent gunsmith.

Damascus steel barrels can usually be recognized by visible (if the metal is bare) "twists" or striations. Do NOT fire a gun that has a Damascus steel barrel unless it has been proof tested by a qualified gunsmith. For that matter, do not fire any old firearm, Damascus steel or not, unless you are certain that the barrel can withstand the higher pressures of modern gunpowder. Safety first: take it to a qualified gunsmith if there's any doubt. See the following links for examples of Damascus steel barrels:

No. Most modern damascus steels are composed of various other steels such as 1084,O1 toolsteel, etc..forge welded together. There is stainless damascus, but even it can rust.

Damascus steel is made by folding a mild steel together with a high-carbon steel to make it stronger, and gives it a pretty pattern. Problem with Damascus barrels is that, while they work fine with low pressure black powder loads, modern smokeless shotshells are likely to cause the barrel to rupture, which is bad. If a shotgun has a Damascus barrel, it's very old and probably just a wall-hanger.

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