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Are Win9X drivers the same as Vista drivers?

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No. Windows 95 supported only VxD drivers, which no Windows in the NT line (NT 3.1, 3.5, 3.51, 4, 2000, XP, Vista) support. Windows 98 supported both WDM and VxD. WDMs are the only supported driver model in 2000 and XP. If written well, a WDM driver from Windows 98 could work on Vista, but it is highly unlikely that hardware that runs with Windows 98 would be used in a Vista computer anyway. Also, certain components, such as the print spooler, have been totally rewritten for Vista, and thus the drivers do not work anymore. Vista-specific drivers also provide better performance.

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Are there Windows Vista drivers for the F50 multpass?

There are no Vista drivers on the Canon website. You may be able to use the XP drivers but there is no guarantee.

Where can you download Windows Vista drivers for an HP 540 notebook?

HP has Windows Vista drivers for this computer on their website. You can download them at the link below.

If you reinstall vista will you lose your motherboard and graphics card driver's?

NO...... As vista has a feature of having its own drivers so as soon as the re-installation of vista is done, it'll have the drivers for motherboard and the graphics card.

Will drivers for Windows Vista work on Windows XP?

Drivers written for Windows Vista are not backwards-compatible with Windows XP. Most hardware that has a driver for Vista should also have a driver for Windows XP.

Can you use a scanner on vista?

Yes you can. To do it all you have to do is see if the scanner you are trying to use had Vista specific drivers.

Where can you download Windows 7 drivers for an Intel D945GCL motherboard?

Intel does not provide Windows 7-specific drivers for this motherboard. The drivers for Windows Vista, however, should be fully functional in Windows 7. You can download drivers for this board for Windows Vista at the link below.

How can you downgrade Vista Home Premium?

Go to www.downgrade-vista.comThere you will find drivers, tutorials and videos on how to downgrade Vista.

Can you use hp laser jet 3100 printer with windows vista if yes can you tell me where to get the drivers from?

No, it's not Vista or Windows 7 compatible. HP refused to build new drivers.

Your sony HCR camera cannot use window vista only window XP what can you do?

Try to update drivers to Vista version. PS: equipment is not compatible with Vista.

Can you use a Linksys W11S4PC11 with Windows Vista?

The router component is operating system-independent, and thus can be used with Windows Vista. Linksys' site apparently lacks any driver downloads for this product, Vista or otherwise. The Linksys WPC11 card is nearly identical to the one in the W11S4PC11 kit, and lacks any Vista drivers on its product page. I am also not aware of any third-party drivers for the chipset that were written for Windows Vista. Note that in many cases, XP drivers can in fact be used on Windows Vista without issue, so using the XP drivers may work just fine.

Are there bugs with imvu and Windows Vista using nvidia drivers?


Is HP photosmart 2575 compatible with Microsoft Vista?

Yes, there are updated drivers for the HP 2575 that you can download from the HP site. Go to support and drivers, choose your model, and which version of Vista you are using.

Are there laptops with built in vista drivers?

All laptops purchased with Windows included have "built-in" drivers with them. The manufacturer places any necessary drivers on the installation disc or image. This does not mean that a retail copy of Windows Vista will install and have all hardware working out of the box.

IS Toshiba 2GB U3 usb drive compatible with win vista?

The Toshiba U3 will work on Windows Vista. Just plug it in and Windows Vista will find the drivers automatically for it.

Where can you download drivers for an HP Pavilion a6740in desktop?

Drivers for Windows Vista and Windows 7 can be downloaded at the link below.

Why doesn't Windows Vista recognize my printer?

Windows Vista likely doesn't include drivers for your printer. You will need to download them from the manufacturer's website.

What file system is common to win9x?

The file system commonly used in Win9x was FAT or FAT32. This system is still used for small devices but NTFS has largely taken over with Windows operating systems.

Where can you get Dell Latitude 610 drivers for Window Vista?

Try this page

Can you run a hp vista on a dell?

yes but you might not have all the dell drivers.

Why did Windows Vista have such a bad reputation?

Because of the bugs and the difference and lack of drivers

Are vista and xp the same?

No, Vista is a later release than XP.

Where can you download Realtek 8169 drivers for Windows Vista?

Windows Vista bundles drivers for the Realtek 8169 chipset, so you are unlikely to need to download them. They are available on Realtek's support site (in the Related links section below).

Why win 7 won't recognize my printer HP laserjet p1005?

You need to download the proper drivers. If there are no Windows 7 drivers available, Vista drivers will work.

How is it possible to solve installing problems in Windows Vista games?

Usually reinstalling the graphic card drivers solves the issue of game installing problems in windows vista. If not solved by reinstalling the graphic drivers, it is recommended to check microsoft site and see whether there is an update package available for windows vista.

Why does vista keep asking for usb drivers?

your drivers may be corrupted or outdated for the usb device. you need to download the current versions from the website.