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I'm a Sagitarius girl who had a Cancer boyfriend. He is now an ex, because the relationship ended for parental reasons. But Cancer is mysterious and handsome, and Sagitarius is free spirited and pretty. Don't give up: Good luck!

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โˆ™ 2010-02-13 23:32:45
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Q: Are a Cancer boy and a Sagitarius girl compatible?
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Cancer boy is best compatible with what girl?

Pisces girl

Is a Virgo girl and a Cancer boy compatible?


Is a Cancer boy and Cancer girl compatible?

they are very much ment for eachother

Is a Taurus boy and Cancer girl compatible?

Of course! They were meant to be together!

Does cancer girl compatible with Aquarius boy?

Horoscopes don't particularly matter in determining a relationship but they aren't exactly compatible.

Is a Scorpio boy compatible with Sagittarius girl?


Is a Scorpio girl compatible with a Sagittarius boy?


Is a Scorpion boy and Sagittarius girl compatible?

if you love this girl/boy it will not matter

Are a Virgo girl and a Taurus boy compatible?


Is a pieces girl compatible with a Taurus boy?


Is a Scorpion boy and cancer girl compatible?

The signs shouldn't determine if you want to be with someone or not. If you like the person date them, don't just date them based on the zodiac signs.

Can you get cancer by having unprotected sex?

i don't know if you are a boy and had sex with a girl you probley will but if your a girl and had sex with a girl you wont get it but if you boy and had sex with a boy you won't

Is Aries girl and Leo boy compatible?

yes yes yes and yes!

What do you think about life of cancer girl and Gemini boy?

Not good.

Can manglik Cancer boy become a lifepartner of Libra girl?


If im a Scorpio girl how do you attract a cancer boy?

Be yourself.

Is Cancer boy and Capricorn girl a good match?


Is a Virgo boy and saggitarius girl compatible?

That would depend on whether you believe in Astrology or not.

Is cancer boy compatible to Taurus girl?

There are in excess of 7,000,000,000 people in the world. There are 12 'star signs'. There are more than 500,000,000 people on average, for each sign. Take any two signs. That is in excess of 1,000,000,000 people. There will be many that are compatible and many that are not.

Is Caillou a girl with cancer?

No. Caillou is a boy at the age of 4 with no hair.

If a Scorpio boy and cancer girl are friends at first would they eventually become more?

There are chances that their relationship might stay as being friends, or blossom into something more. Since Scorpio and Cancer are very compatible, they MIGHT be able to fall in love.

Is a Taurus girl compatible with a Virgo boy?

Yes; very compatible. They are the best for each other; although both are also excellent with Capricorn.

Are a Taurus boy and a Virgo girl compatible?

they are in July may September and December. also in feb.

A Cancer boy would like a Pisces girl or Cancer girl?

he has the higher chances of liking a pices girl because they complement each other and are imedaiately atracted to each other

Is a Cancer girl and a Capricorn boy a good match?

Yes, this is a very good match with Cancer woman and Capricorn men.