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your car could have been hit by a freight train in the rear and the airbags would not deploy unless, of course, you hit something in the front after the rear end collision had already occurred. the sensors are in the front and are designed to deploy the srs units if the occupants are in danger of going forward not backwards as the case in a rear end collision.

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Q: Are airbags supposed to deploy in a 1998 jxi sebring if an accident is caused from a hard rear end collision by another car?
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What is another name for accident?

a collision

Does a 1997 Nissan 200 SX have a fuel shut off somewhere you bumped it in your driveway into another vehicle and now you cant get it to start?

There is a fuel cut controlled by the collision sensor(s). Did the airbags deploy? How hard did you "Bump" it with "another vehicle"? Even if airbags didn't deploy, collision sensor may shut down the fuel anyway. Any Check Engine Light? May have to reset computer or tow to a shop, unless you want to declare that accident with your insurance company...

What will collision insurance cover in the event of an accident?

Collision insurance will cover any damages to your vehicle (or refund you the value of the car in the event that it becomes totaled) in the event of an accident. Collision insurance coverage typically only applies when you are the at-fault driver in the accident. Collision coverage covers any sort of collision whether it be with another car, a pot hole, a tree, a guard rail, a ditch, etc.

What is a better term to describe a vehicle hitting another object?

Impact; collision; crash; accident

What accident was narrowly avoided as the titanic was leaving harbor?

A collision with another ship, the New York.

What is another word for collision?

crashes, accident, impact, smash, bump ect.Impact, Smash, Crash

What is a head on collision in cars and transportation?

when you get in an accident with another vehicle and you both receive damage to the front of you vehicle.

What happens if someone gets in a car accident not with another car?

Its considered a collision loss. If you have Collision coverage your car would be repaired less your deductible. Your insurance carrier will also pay for property damage you may have caused in the collision. If the collision is with a animal it could be considered a comprehensive loss.

Give example of road of accident?

A single vehicle accident where a car leaves the road and rolls over or hits something ? Or a collision such as a car running a stop sign and hitting another vehicle?

If you live in Michigan and your car is damaged in an accident the other driver is ticketed you have no collision do you have to pay for damages to your car?

Yes, If you have no collision coverage and you collided with another vehicle, a brick wall, telephne pole or whatever, then you will need to fix your own car.

Collision in a sentence?

After a collision with another player, Greg had a concussion.She quickly swerved to the left to avoid a collision.

What covers a vehicle not due to an accident?

Comprehensive coverage on your auto policy covers fire, theft, vandalism, broken glass, animal collision, hail damage, windstorms, etc. Collision covers hitting another vehicle or object or turning the vehicle over.

What is a sentence using the word collision?

I got into a collision in the hallway with another kid.

What is the technical definition of a road traffic accident?

The technical definition of a road traffic accident is a collision of one motor vehicle with another, a pedestrian, animal, or a stationary obstruction. Traffic collisions result in injury, death, vehicle damage and property damage.

What happens if your car gets totaled by another driver in collision accident?

You get the Traffic Collision Report. You find out who was at fault. You get the other driver's insurance information. You file a claim with his insurance company. Using an attorney to represent you helps to avoid you suffering through the process yourself.

What is collision automobile insurance?

Collision pays to have your car fixed if it is damaged in a collision with another vehicle. There is usually a deductible that you have to pay.

What do you mean by collision coverage?

Collision is a coverage that usually applies when you "collide" with another vehicle.

Another word for a collision?


Another word for a collision-?


What is the oldest Jeep Wrangler with airbags?

1997 is the first year airbags were available for the Jeep Wrangler TJ. I know because I owned a 1997 and also recently had to sell my 7s CJ-5 to get another Jeep with airbags. Enjoy it

Who is at fault if someone hits a piece of another person's vehicle after it has broken off of their vehicle?

If the piece broke off as the result of a collision it would be the responsibility of the driver at fault in that collision, if it just fell off the vehicle during a non accident trip it is the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle that the part came from.

What does collision insurance cover?

It covers damage to your vehicle resulting from an at fault collision with another vehicle or object.

What impact do airbags have on society?

Air bags have had a major impact in the safety of automobiles. Upon contact with another car or street obstacle, the airbags inflate and protect the passengers from serious physical damage. Society has been made safer due to airbags.

Can you lose your license if you were in a accident but no police was called out the time of accident?

No I believe they won't as long as you are the only one that knowsAdded: If you were in a collision with another object or another vehicle and the owner or operator, or a witness was there, even if no officer was called or arrived at the scene, if you fail to comply with the laws of your state in reporting the accident you can be charged. ALL states have requirements thatvehicular collisions causing over a certain dollar amount or causing personal injury be reported.

Are airbags useful if your car is hit from the front by another car?

Yes . They are still useful .