Are airsoft claymore mines reusable

Updated: 10/19/2022
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maybe but this one is reusable (type this in the website, Google, Bing, Yahoo: etc, YouTube, then type in the video, Airsoft Claymore Anti Personnel Mine) do you understand it? yes or no?

P.s: sorry about the understanding i cannot write too much and i want it to keep it small and i mean less word not this word.

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Q: Are airsoft claymore mines reusable
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Where can you buy a airsoft claymore?


Are airsoft shotguns reusable?


Are revolver airsoft shells reusable?

I have never seen nor heard of a revolver airsoft pistol with non reusable shells. You should have no problems reusing them.

Are mad bull airsoft shells reusable?


Where can you buy a m33 airsoft claymore? but its cheapest to go to

What does an airsoft claymore do?

Basically the same thing a real claymore does, you put in bbs( I suggest .12) and you push the detonator, and bbs fly everywhere. Its not like the claymore form cod or anything, its long range.

Can you use a airsoft shot gun shell twice?

yes they are reusable

Are airsoft grenade launcher shells reusable?

Simply refill them, yes.

Are air soft grenades reusable?

No because they have run out of fuse or power. However, ther are some highly expensive airsoft grenades that cost like $250 and are reusable.

WHAT COLOR M18a1 claymore antipersonnel minE?

m18a1 training mines are blue. live ones are green.

Would you buy wooden claymore mines replicas for 5 dollars?

Yes, I def. would. Think of all the reenactors, gamers, cosplayers and such that are looking for an inexpensive prop. Rather then spending big bucks on the m18a1's that are out there now, paintball, airsoft, and such, which (Once again, cost min. 60+) most people would pass on. Now if you come out with a wooden claymore mine, that's to the actual dimensions and doesn't look cheesy, then I most certainly would!

What is a claymore in Call of Duty?

A Claymore is a type of mine that can be set off and is placed above ground and pointed toward the enemy where they are hit by ball bearing type scrap metal when it is set off. It is more of a tripwire type than a step on type of mine. This answer is more a description of actual claymore mines than how they apply to call of duty