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Are alkali metals gasses?

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all of them are solids

(under room temperate, and room compression)

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What are 3 groups of elements on a periodic table?

Some groups are the noble gasses, transition metals, metals, metaloids, non-metals, halogens, alkali metals, and alkali earth metals.

Where are the alkali metals and noble gasses on the periodic table?

The alkali metals are in Group 1 (IA) and the noble gases are in Group 18 (VIIIA).

What are the groups 1 2 13 18?

1= alkali metals 2= alkaline earth metals 13= nonmetals 18= noble gasses

What are the chemical families on the periodic table?

Well, several are, and from left to right. Alkali metals Alkaline earth metals. Transition metals. Metaloids. Nonmetals. Halogens. Nobel gasses.

How are alkali earth metals and alkali metals similar?

The alkali earth metals act in a similar but slightly less reactive way to alkali metals

Which properties of alkali metals unusual metals?

Alkali metal forms Alkali while metals form bases.

How chemically active are alkali metals?

Alkali metals are the most reactive metals.

What are more reactive alkali metals or alkline earth metals?

alkali metals

Types of matter?

(Alkali metals, alkali earth metals, transition metals, other metals, other non-metals, halogens, noble gasses, rare earth metals.) ==> these are not 'types of matter' they are just the names of the categories we put the elements in. Their are 3 main types of matter: gas, liquid and solid, some say that plasma is also a type

How are alkali metals different any from other metals?

Alkali metals are very reactive metals.

What is mean by alkali metals?

Alkali metals are those metals in which it is the reaction between the metals and the base.

What do alkali metals form when they react with oxygen?

alkali metals form alkali oxides.

How do alkali metals react with other alkali metals?

They don't

Why are alkali earth metals called alkali earth metals?

Alkali earth metals are named after their oxides, alkaline earth.

Is hydrogen a alkali metal?

No, hydrogen is a nonmetal. It is grouped with the alkali metals because it has a similar outer shell electron configuration as they do. Hydrogen is something of an oddball among elements. It is rather unique, but share some characteristics with both the halogens and the alkali metals. When the periodic table is divided into groups (noble gasses, halogens, alkali metals, etc.) hydrogen is usually put in its own group.

Is alkali the only earth metal?

there are alkali metals and alkali earth metals but there is no such thing as an element called alkali...

What are the differences between alkali metals and transition metals?

Alkali metals are more reactive. Transition metals are shiny but quikly tarnish. Alkali metals are stored in oil.

Why are the alkali metals called the alkali metals?

because they produce(form)an alkali when they react with water.

Are alkali metals in groupe 1 elements?

Alkali metals are the metals in family/group I.Lithium, sodium, potassium, Rubidium, Cesium, Francium are Alkali metals.

What are some characteristics of alkali metals?

Alkali Metals: the alkali metals are found in the first group of the periodic table, Alkali metals are very reactive metals and they are not freely in their nature, alkali metals have one electron in their outermost shell. therefore alkali metals are ready to loose that one electron for bonding with other elements, alkali metals are good conductor of electricity and heat. they are soft in nature than other metals.The Alkali Metals are:lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium cesium, francium

What are examples of families in the periodic table?

The alkali metals, the alkaline earth metals, the transition metals, metalloids, nonmetals, including the halogens and the Nobel gasses.A simplified list including general groups and families of elements.

Which group of elements is the most reactive?

Alkali metals are the most reactive elements. Don't mistake these for the alkali earth metals because the alkali are not as reactive as the alkali metals.

Why are alkali metals called alkali metals?

When alkali metals react with water they produce an alkali (basic) solution. No because they form basic oxides and they neutralise acids

What charge do alkali earth metals have?

alkali metals have +1 charge on them.

What element is the first of the alkali metals?

Lithium is the first of the alkali metals