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How many hearts does an earthworm have

This worm has a larval form called a bladder worm

Nephridia are part of the system

Cephalization is associated with the

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Q: Are all centipede carnivores
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Is a centipede a decomposer?

yes it is a decomposerNo, and a centipede isn't either. They are carnivores. Millipedes are decomposers.

What are the desert centipede's food?

They are carnivores eating such foods as insects, lizards, frogs and rodents

Are all fishes carnivores?

are all fish carnivores

Are desert eagles carnivores?

All eagles are carnivores.

Are all snakes carnivores?

all snakes are carnivores yes

Which snakes are carnivores?

All snakes are carnivores.

Are prey animals carnivores?

Not all but they can be carnivores

Do you get all the dinosaurs in the full versions on carnivores?

All dinosaurs are carnivores .So it is true that dinosaurs are carnivores .

Is a centipede a mammal?

A centipede is a mammal because it has hair and it breathes with it's lungs. All mammals breathe with lungs and have hair or fur.No, a centipede is not a mammal.

What is a type of centipede?

a type of centipede giant centipede

Are desert vipers carnivores?

All snakes are carnivores!

Are anacondas carnivores?

Yes. All snakes are carnivores.

Are salamanders carnivores?

Yes, all salamanders are carnivores.

Are leopards carnivores or herbivores?

Carnivores. All cats are.

What are wolves carnivores or frujivores?

All wolves are carnivores.

Are kingsnakes carnivores or omnivores?

They are carnivores - as are all snakes.

Are eagles are carnivores?

Yes, all eagles are carnivores.

Are Anaconda carnivores?

Yes. All snakes are carnivores.

Are arctic wolves Carnivores or omnivores?

All wolves are carnivores

Does a centipede have a backbone?

no, a centipede does not have a backboneNo they are invertibrates

What kind of skeleton does a centipede have?

As with all arthropods, it has an exoskelton.

How many legs does an Australian centipede have?

All centipedes have 100 legs, hence the name centipede (centi meaning 100).

Are rattlesnakes carnivores herbivores or omnivores?

As with all snakes, they are carnivores.

Are snakes carnivores herbivores or omnivores?

All snakes are carnivores.

Is a bobcat an omnivore?

No, they are carnivores.