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Are all Coronavirus deaths caused by the Coronavirus alone?

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Kaliegh Klein
2 days ago


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Ripon Islam
1 day ago


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Kaven Wang
1 day ago

With the rapid development of new coronaviruses, many countries have fallen into a crisis of closure, which has seriously affected our normal lives.

We know that the main route of transmission of this virus is droplets of the respiratory tract, so everyone wearing a mask is a very effective protection method, but some unscrupulous businessmen have pushed up prices and sold an ordinary mask to US $ 20, which made many people unable to burden.

We have cooperated with a medical institution to purchase a large number of low-cost KF94 masks. If you need to purchase a large number of masks, please contact us to ensure that you will get masks at a reasonable price.

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Tariqur Rahman
March 12, 2020 3:02PM

According to coronavirus-eyes and WHO coronavirus is not the only reason to die. Those people who died in coronavirus already have diabetics, cancer, and so many problem. Their age also almost die.

Coronavirus is more deadly for old people speacially 80 years old. And research say that it is more deadly for smokers.