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No, ducks come in a variety of dull and bright colors, many not being pink.

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Which is correct grammar - all the ducks or all of the ducks?

all the ducks is like ' all the ducks in the world ' but all of the ducks is ' all of the ducks in our farm'

Why are ducks not pink?

because its not a natural color. Have u ever seen a pink dog or cat?

Did all ducks evolve from mallard ducks?

no not all ducks sorry

What animals hunt the pink fairy armadillo?

Ducks are yellow!

What is the color of a ducks tongue?

the color of my duck tongue was pink

Are all ducks born female?

All ducks are not born female.If they were,then where did the male ducks come from?

What is a flying group of ducks called?

All collective nouns for ducks:brace of ducksflock of ducksflush of duckspaddling of ducksraft of ducksteam of ducks

Are Pink-headed Ducks extinct?

yes since the mid 1930s ~.~

Can all ducks quack?

Yes all ducks can quack I THINK!

Do ducks have backbone?

Do ducks have backbone Yes, ducks have a backbone. All vertabrates do.

What does pink headed duck eat?

the smame as usual duck, ducks love bread!!

What are male and female ducks called?

The generic term for ducks of all species (male or female) is duck.All male ducks (no mater what the species) are called drakes.All female ducks (no mater what the species) are called ducks.All baby ducks (no mater what the species) are called ducklings.

Why did the Pink Panther ends up welcoming ducks and international ones?

Because he doesn't send a duck away he sends a duck family and global ducks.

Do ducks have to stay on eggs all day?

No Chickens do not ducks

Do ducks have bones?

ducks do have bones . all birds have bones.

What are all of the unlockables for the Farmville valentines?

10 Valentines: Luv Ewe (Pink Sheep) 20 Valentines: Giant Teddy Bear 30 Valentines: Pigs In Love 40 Valentines: Peckling Ducks (2 ducks on a white bench) 50 Valentines: 3 Hearts Fountain 150 Valentines: Eiffle Tower 500 Valentines: Pink Swan

If all ducks fly and all flying things have wings what can you conclude logically?

that ducks have wings =)

Do female ducks have a heat?

If you mean a heart, yes. All ducks do.

How are ducks reproduced?

Like all birds, ducks are hatched from eggs.

How do the pink headed ducks get their food?

The pink headed duck is known as a diving duck. They dive underwater for small fish and insects for the main part of their diet.

When can baby ducks fly?

after they are fully feather if they are a wild ducks. some non wild ducks do not fly at all.

Can White Peeking ducks fly?

of course they can, almost all ducks can fly except some of the domestic ducks.

Are all baby ducks yellow?

no,not all of them some baby ducks are grey or white or mixture of both.

What are ducks characteristics?

It depends on the kind of duck that it is and if it is male or female. Male ducks are more aggressive and attack more often. One of my ducks is male and will attack all other ducks its sees but this is just his personality. All ducks, like humans, have their own characteristics.

What are male wood ducks called?

All male ducks are called "Drakes"

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