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First, some definitions:

  • Myth - story or word. The word myth entered into the English lexicon in the early 19th century from Latinmythos which came from the Greek muthos, literally meaning story or word.
  • Mythology - the body of collected stories of a group of people such as the ancient Greeks, Romans, Mayans, etc., or the study of such.

That being established, it cannot be said whether or not all, some, or parts of different mythologies are true or not. It is generally believed by literary, linguistic, and anthropological experts that there is some truth in mythologies, that they rose out of actual events, but that the stories convoluted or changed over time. As is true for human nature, as stories are passed, subsequent generations tend to embellish. Embellishment after embellishment on top of embellishment can make for a very grand tale.

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Q: Are all some or none of the mythologies true?
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